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Top 7 Ways AI is Protecting the Digital World in 2023

With the introduction of artificial intelligence, the increasing war against cyber threats has become an eye-opening issue for organizations. Artificial intelligence continues to support users not only in automation but also in cyber security. It seems to be a reliable soldier, with its threat...

Personal Data of Former and Current Employees Compromised During a Data Breach at Aurora Cannabis

The personal details of an undisclosed number of current and former employees of the Canadian firm, Marijuana Business Daily, was leaked in the data breach at Aurora Cannabis. The email sent to the victim of the data breach relates to Dec. 25, "a cybersecurity incident...

Top Cybersecurity Firm FireEye Hacked by a Nation-State; Stole the Attacking Tools

Major cybersecurity firm FireEye has been hit by a cyberattack, with hackers stealing its attack test tools in a targeted heist, the company said in a blog, posted on Tuesday.  It is not clear exactly when the hack initially took place. FireEye, one of the...

Here’s Why China’s Baidu Android Apps Were Removed From Google Playstore

In recent times, China has become the breeding ground for criticism from all around the world, be it for Coronavirus, China’s State-Sponsored Hacking or China’s concentration camp. As if that was not enough already, its back in news once again. But this time around,...