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Facebook Caught Chinese Hackers Using Its Platform to Target Uyghurs Abroad

Facebook Inc reported on Wednesday that it had uncovered a group of Chinese hackers who were using the platform to hack accounts and spread malware. They targeted activists, journalists, and dissidents among Uighurs from Xinjiang living abroad in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Syria, and the United...

Facebook Testing Re-Entry App for Prisoners Who Are Being Released Back Into Society

Facebook is beta-testing an app to assist recently released convicts in trying to integrate into society. The website, dubbed the Re-Entry app, seems to be part of Facebook's attempts to produce more products for marginalized people. According to Bloomberg, the new social media platform The...

Facebook Gets Sued in France by a Watchdog Over Media and Corona Virus Posts

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) announced Tuesday that it had filed a complaint in France against Facebook, citing a rise in anti-media hate speech and misinformation about COVID-19.  The media watchdog noted vast quantities of coronavirus disinformation on Facebook, including vaccine conspiracy theories, in the latest...

Facebook Sued in the UK for Data Collection Scandal

Facebook faces a second London High Court action on allegations that it failed to protect the personal details of about one million people in England and Wales, in the most recent lawsuit that arose out of the data collection scandal. Journalist and writer Peter Jukes...

Facebook Becomes Annoying Crying Baby After Apple’s iOS 14 Default Privacy Feature Blocks Facebook From Mining User Data

Facebook is repeatedly under fire from Apple for accumulating large quantities of user data. In this regard, Cupertino-based Apple launched earlier this year a software update – iOS 14 – aimed at preventing Facebook from monitoring user movements outside Facebook-owned applications, i.e. Facebook, Messenger,...

Whatsapp May Retain Only 18% of Its Current Users Because of This Rookie Mistake Made by Facebook

Ever since Facebook-owned WhatsApp announced updating its privacy policy earlier in January, it has been receiving a lot of flak over the same and users have been flocking from WhatsApp to other alternative apps like Signal and Telegram. In fact, in its biggest market –...

This Is How Social Media Became a Breeding Place for Fake News

Data scientists have recently made significant progress in understanding the spread and consumption of information, its effect on opinion formation, and the ways people influence one another. Advances in technology have made it possible to exploit the deluge of data from social media—the traces...

Facebook Content Moderators Say the Company Has Risked Their Lives by Forcing Them Back to the Office

More than 200 Facebook workers from around the world have accused the firm of forcing its content moderators back to the office despite the risks of contracting coronavirus. The claims came in an open letter written by the content moderators from across the U.S. and...

267 Million Facebook user data affected and being sold.

Seriously !!! In today’s generation when we talk about privacy being an essential fundamental right of the individual, Facebook what’s up to personal data of two 67 million Facebook users on sale for $600 on the dark web. Not only Facebook, 5,30,000 zoom accounts have been...

Google Takes Charge of the RCS Rollout

Google rcs
Its been a year now that we all have been hearing about RCS, the replacement for SMS texting. But it has been reported that using the next-generation message service is nearly impossible due to its complicated carrier and phone maker politics. But now, Google...