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RAT (Remote Access Trojan) Developer arrested for building malware that affected 10,000 computers

Law enforcement authorities have arrested a remote access trojan (RAT) developer for infecting around 10,000 computers with malware. The suspect, who has not been named, allegedly created and distributed the njRAT malware, which allowed him to gain unauthorized access to victims' computers and steal...

Microsoft Alleges China-Based Cyber Attackers of Carrying Out Hacks on Its Exchange Email Product

Microsoft said Tuesday that a sophisticated group of China-related hackers hacked their popular e-mail service to allow them computer access. In a blog post on Tuesday, the company said that four vulnerabilities in its software allowed hackers to access servers for Microsoft Exchange, "which enabled...

This Is How Google Drive Turned Into Goldmine for Pirated and Explicit Content

Cybercriminals are freely storing and sharing illegal software licenses, movies, games and porn content -- most of which have allegedly been indexed in Google Search as some Drive users made such links public in their individual accounts. Google Drive is a service for file storage...

Magecart Active Again With New Multi-Platform Skimmer: All You Need to Know

A recently discovered multi-platform credit card skimmer can harvest payment info on compromised stores powered by Shopify, BigCommerce, Zencart, and Woocommerce. The skimmer can be used to collect payment information of compromised stores and is connected to the Magecart community. The first programmatically created exfiltration domain...

Android Phones Infected with Malware

android malware
According to reports, as many as 25 million Android smartphones have got infected by a malware which replaces installed applications like WhatsApp with evil app versions. Check Point’s researchers named the malware as “Agent Smith” because of the methods it uses to attack devices...