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Hackers Post Hackney Council’s ‘Stolen Documents’ Months After the Cyberattack

A cybercriminal group has posted what it claims are documents stolen from Hackney Council in a ransomware attack. A cybercriminal organization named Pysa/Mespinoza has reported that a range of data resulting from the dark web incident has been released. This involves sensitive personal data, such...

GenRx Pharmacy Ransomware Attack Leads to Disclosure of HIPAA Data Breach

GenRx Pharmacy has reported a data protection incident that could possibly have an effect on the safety of some confidential and secure health details for less than 5% of former patients with GenRx. In a recent safety warning, the company said: "On September 28, 2020,...

German Local Newspaper Group hit by Cyberattack: All You Need to Know

The Funke media group confirmed that the attack that began on 22 December (Tuesday) affected numerous computer systems in editorial offices and printing plants across the world. It was this cyberattack that stopped it from publishing its daily Wednesday editions. Berlin's Morgenpost newspaper was estimated by...

LG found affected by MAZE Ransomware

ransomware attack LG
Maze ransomware operators have claimed that they were successfully able to breach the LG electronics database. For this, they also released a zip file of 3.6 GB memory space. It is labeled as 1% LG electronics. The data is though now password protected, which...

IT giant Cognizant confirms about a data breach after ransomware attack.

IT cognizant has accepted that the Maze Ransomware Attack took place in April 2020 and Unencrypted data was accessed and has the probability of data theft. Cognizant Cognizant is one of the big names in the IT industry. The IT giant has a workforce close to...

Business giant Xerox allegedly suffers Maze Ransomware attack

hacking 2
Another name of a big business giant has been added to the list of Maze Ransomware attack victims, and this time it is Xerox. It is claimed that the encryption routine was completed on June 25, 2020. Xerox has not said a word in...

Ragnar Locker ransomware attack confirmed by EDP energy giant

Ragnar Locker
EDP Renewables North America, a subsidiary of the Portuguese energy giant EDP, confirmed that a Ragnar locker ransomware attack has occurred which has affected the parent company. Talking about the company's profile, so the EDP group mostly focuses on the energy generation and its...