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Top 12 VPNs for Android TV

It's tough to locate a VPN that you can rely on to keep your Android safe. On the Google Play Store, there are hundreds of bogus VPN apps that might infect your Android with malware. Furthermore, you cannot rely on most of them to...

All about Google VPN – is it worth trusting?

Let’s face it, a VPN offers a variety of benefits to online consumers. This ranges from hiding user IP to unblocking geo-restriction. As a result, it enables us to feel secure online. Several VPN services are available in the market today. And each tends to...

Australia Watchdog Sues Facebook Over Its Use of Onavo Protect VPN Service

Australia's ACCC consumer watchdog is bringing Facebook to court over the Onavo Protect VPN service that Facebook was forced to shut down in 2019. The ACCC says it deceived customers into believing that their information was private.  If found guilty of deceiving customers, the site...