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”TikTok” has revealed that its users will soon be able to create a three-minute video.


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

Short video sharing platform TikTok will soon increase the time limit of creating a video, the announcement has been made by Tiktok officials. Presently TikTok allows its users to create 60 seconds videos however, after the release of this new update the users will be able to create a three-minute-long video. TikTok gain wide popularity due to its special effects as well as soundtracks. By giving the facility to create a three-minute video TikTok will provide its users the flexibility to film the videos in detail. TikTok inspired various other social media giants to add short-video making a feature in their apps, motivated by TikTok Instagram also launched reels in its platform, along with Instagram, Snapchat also released a new feature “Spotlight” last year.

Short video sharing platforms are at boom presently, these platforms not only benefits influencers but besides, also helps brands to reach out to their potential customers. Apart from social media giants several homegrown app developers also launched their short video-making apps to earn profit. One of the examples of it is the recent ban on TikTok in India, when the Bytedance owned app banned in India last year several homegrown short video sharing platforms were launched such as MX Takatak, Reposo, Mauj, etc. which earned massive support from both the audience as well as the brands.

Despite its popularity, TikTok also faced a lot of criticism worldwide due to various reasons. Several internet users don’t find TikTok videos as much entertaining as YouTube. However, to resolve this issue TikTok has decided to allow users to make a 3 minutes long video, hope this feature will attract the attention of more regular internet users. Furthermore, TikTok is also very keen to make come back to India, recently a Bytedance official wrote a letter to the IT ministry in which the company agreed to comply with the new IT rules. They have also hired grievance and nodal officers in India.

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