Coffee is the most important beverage for a lot of people. This is what they prefer to consume first thing in the morning and whenever they want to stay up at night as well. So such an important drink must be made the best way possible and that is through a semi-automatic espresso machine. With the perfect coffee machine, your days could brighten up considerably.


Human interface input:

This is the feature with which you as a user use the functions of the machine. It can be in the form of buttons, a touch screen, or maybe even a dial. The type may also depend on the number of options available on the espresso machine.

Water and milk reservoirs:

Make sure that the reservoirs that contain milk and water are refilled and clean on their fixed schedule. If not done so they may lead to some extra unwanted growth. It will be a lot easier if the tanks are removable.


Make sure that you are aware of the espresso machine’s size. It would be a pity if the machine is too big for the kitchen space you have reserved for it. In case you do not have a large space planned do not purchase any bulky machine.

Types of coffee:

Though a lot of machines offer a variety of beverages, machines that have a low price may not offer you a lot of variety. So before investing in a coffee machine just check out if it makes your preferred beverage.

Detachable drip trays:

Though the semi-automatic espresso machines allow you to control how much quantity of coffee you would like to pour, something which is not a choice in automatic espresso machines, some of the semi-automatic ones may not have the option to accommodate tall mugs.

Here is the list of the top 13 semi-automatic espresso machines in Canada

1)De’Longhi La Specialista Espresso Machine

Material Stainless steel
Brand De’Longhi
Human interface inputButtons
Voltage 110 volt
Item weight13.5 kg
Item dimensions36.8 x 38.1 x 44.5 centimeters
  • This machine has a sensor grinding technology. It provides an optimal amount of beans and grinds it perfectly for your espresso. It indicates when the beans need to be refilled.
  • It has active temperature control and a dual heating system. This allows you to have great temperature stability and heat and steam your beverage perfectly.
  • It has a smart stamping station. All you need to do is to pull the lever to tamp the ground coffee with the right pressure. It does not require you to remove the portafilter hence creates no mess.
  • This machine also has an advanced latte system. This system allows you to choose your preferred form of froth which can be micro froth foaming for latte art or rich frother for cappuccinos.
  • This semi-automatic espresso machine has a one-second quick start feature. With the help of this feature, your coffee is prepared directly after you have ground and tamped your dose. You do not need to wait for additional heat up time.
  • If you prefer to have a hot americano, this machine also has a hot water spout to help you prepare it.


If you like heavily flavored coffees you will have to fill the portafilter above the marked level. 

2)Oster Prima Latte Espresso, Cappuccino, and Latte Maker

Material Plastic
Brand Oster 
Human interface inputTouchscreen 
Voltage 110 volt
Item weight4.45 kg
Item dimensions35.31 x 21.84 x 31.75 cm
  • This machine is very easy to control. All you need to do is to press the simple buttons or select options regarding your beverage.
  • It is extremely easy to set up as well. Just pick a single shot or double shot feature, select your preferred ground, fill up the milk reservoir, and finally choose your brew.  
  • To decrease your work, this machine automatically froths milk in cappuccino and latte selections.
  • It has a water reservoir as well which is very well designed. The reservoir is easy to remove which makes it easy to refill and clean.
  • This semi-automatic 3-in-1 espresso, cappuccino, and latte maker has a cord that is 26 inches long.
  • This machine is very easy to maintain as well. Not only are its reservoirs removable but its drip tray is removable as well. 


Wash the reservoirs, portafilter, and spout on a regular basis to avoid any sort of build-up.

3)Gaggia RI 9380/46 Classic Pro Espresso Machine

Material Plastic
Brand Gaggia 
Human interface inputSwitches 
Voltage 120 volt
Item weight9.07 kg
Item dimensions24.1 x 20.3 x 36.1 centimeters
  • This machine has a commercial steam wand that offers full control while you use it. It helps in steaming and frothing milk and with latte art as well.
  • It has a commercial-style portafilter. This durable chrome-plated 58 mm portafilter is the same size and style as professional coffee houses.
  • It has filter baskets of excellent quality. They provide you with consistent shot quality and a thick layer of crema out of almost any coffee with the pressurized basket.
  • It has got a great quality of pump mounts. Because of the superior mounting of the vibrating pump the sound produced while brewing is dampened.
  • It has a very fast heat up. Its dual heating elements heat the broiler to brew in about five minutes and the steam is ready within 30 seconds.
  • The classic espresso machine has switches for power, brewing, and switches. Each switch has its indicator light to check if it is on or not.


This machine does not have an easy disassembly of the water reservoir. So for cleaning you might have to go over some complicated instructions.

4)DeLonghi EC680M Dedica 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine

Material Stainless steel
Brand DeLonghi
Human interface inputButtons 
Voltage 110 volt
Item weight4.22 kg
Item dimensions32.99 x 14.99 x 32.99 cm
  • This machine helps you brew authentic cafe-style beverages like Single or double espresso, cappuccino, or latte.
  • It has a manual frother that mixes steam and milk to form a rich, creamy froth for evenly textured drinks.
  • This unit also has a three-in-one filter holder, one for one espresso shot, another for two espresso shots, and one for a two serve espresso pod.
  • This machine adjusts all sizes of cups. Does not matter if you prefer a taller cup or a smaller one, the bottom tray is very easy to adjust or even remove if the cup is too tall.
  • It is very space-saving and compact. Its design has a very sleek profile and with its narrow footprint, you can fit it almost anywhere in the kitchen.
  • To provide you with the best quality coffee, this machine has a 15 bar professional pressure. You can also adjust various controls for personal preferences as well.


The power on/off button gets stuck, but that is not a deal-breaker as the machine also has an automatic on/off button.

5)Breville L.P. BES880BSS The Barista Touch Espresso Machine

Material Stainless steel
Brand Breville
Human interface inputTouchscreen 
Voltage 110V – 120V
Item weight10.4 kg
Item dimensions31.8 x 33.7 x 40 centimeters
  • This machine has digital temperature control (PID) technology which allows it to precisely control water temperature for perfectly balanced coffee extraction.
  • It has an intuitive touchscreen display. This display simplifies your three-step to make your coffee- grind, brew, and milk.
  • This machine has personalized coffee settings as well. You can personalize eight different coffees by coffee strength, milk texture, and temperature by their unique name and image.
  • This machine has an automatic steam wand. It delivers barista quality micro-foam that helps you in enhancing the flavor of your coffee.
  •  It has completely hands-free operations. With its innovative grinding cradle, you can grind directly into the espresso portafilter.
  • It provides you with a rich and tasty espresso through a process that involves our 15 bar Italian pump.


It might not be suitable for very tall mugs.

6)Brewsly 15 Bar Espresso Machine

Material Stainless steel
Brand Brewsly
Color Silver 
Voltage 110V 
Item weight4.72 kg
Item dimensions333.02 x 17.02 x 30.48 cm
  • This machine has double temperature control which sets the temperature of the water and milk foam separately.
  • It has 15 bar professional pressure which makes sure you receive perfectly ground coffee every time you make one.
  • The Brewery espresso machine also has a visual pressure gauge and adjustable controls that allow you to personalize your coffee according to your tastes.
  • There is also a 2-in-1 filter holder which automatically delivers one or two shots of espressos.
  • This machine accommodates all sizes of mugs. There is a double drip tray that is easy to remove to fit tall latte glasses.
  • The adjustable milk frother helps you customize the foam and steam levels to personalize it according to your coffee.


To keep the steam wand consistent make sure water levels are up to the mark.

7)Sirena Prestige Espresso Machine

Material Stainless steel
Brand Sirena 
Human Interface InputButtons 
Water Tank Capacity1.5 L
Serving time 90 seconds
Color Silver and black
  • This high-end barista-grade espresso machine helps you prepare two cups of a beverage at the same time within 90 seconds.
  • This espresso maker has a 15 bar pressure to help you prepare your cups of espresso, latte, or cappuccino.
  • The great flavor and unmatched velvetines of the coffee are because of the twin brewing system and an advanced built-in frother.
  • This machine comes with a smart cup warmer that makes sure that your cup of coffee is at just the right temperature.
  • This machine makes sure you do not create any messes while handling your drinks. It has a steel drip tray with overflow detection that prevents you from making a mess on the counter.
  • This brushed stainless steel cappuccino-making machine is a sleek and chic machine that looks well placed in any kitchen.


Make sure to check the on/off indicator after you finish making your beverage.

8)EWX 3 in 1 Espresso Coffee Maker/Coffee Machine

Material Stainless steel
Brand EWX
Color Black
Voltage 120V 
Item weight4.3 kg
Item dimensions37 x 35.2 x 22.8 cm
  • This machine has a 3 in 1 Portafilter and 3 baskets which allows you to brew your coffee with grounds, capsules, or ESE pods.
  • This coffee maker has a 20 bar professional pump which is made in Italy. This pump can reach high pressure and make your coffee more flavorful.
  • It has a PCB control electronic system which helps you ensure more accurate control over the temperature of water and steam.
  • Its thermo-block fast heating system makes sure that every single cup of your coffee is made with freshwater The stainless steel heating coil prevents oxidation which also prolongs the lifespan of a machine.
  • This machine also has removable baskets, the detachable frothing nozzle, and the detachable drip tray make the clean-up much easier.
  • It is also equipped with a smart system which will remind you to descale the water coil and the pump.


If your water flow is slow while brewing coffee it might mean your basket is clogged with coffee particles. Check out its YouTube cleaning tutorial for it.

9)Capresso Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

Material Stainless steel
Brand Capresso 
Color Black and Stainless steel
Water tank capacity 1.19 L 
Item weight3.63 kg
Item dimensions29.21 x 26.04 x 18.42 cm
  • This machine is fast and consistent. This machine is lined with a ThermoBlock heating system with 15 bars of pressure for providing you with a great coffee.
  • It is very convenient to use a water tank. The tank is very easy to remove and refill or even clean.
  • This machine also has an auto rinse feature. Their automatic rinsing cycle ensures a perfect brewing temperature without any wait time between brewing espresso and steaming milk.
  • The coffee machine is very easy to operate. All you need to do is turn the dial right to brew coffee and left to froth milk for rich coffee beverages.
  • It has a dual-function sieve that allows you to make both one and two shots of espressos. It has a self-locking feature with a thumb guard for easy cleaning.
  • The semi-automatic machine also has a warming tray. This warming platform keeps cups at the ideal temperature serving.


The water reservoir lid opens up instead of flipping open, so remember it while refilling it.

10)Breville Café Roma Espresso Machine

Material Stainless steel
Brand Breville 
Color Silver 
Water tank capacity 1.2 L 
Item weight5.9 kg
Item dimensions23.5 x 22.86 x 29.85 cm
  • This stainless steel espresso machine has a 15-bar Thermoblock pump which helps accurately control the water temperature.
  • It also has a thermoblock heating system that automatically adjusts the water temperature between extraction and milk texturing.
  • This machine also has a selector control. This helps you alternate between the options of espresso when extracting or steam when texturing milk.
  • It also has the capability of high-powered steam. It helps produce a velvety smooth or creamy thick milk texturing. It comes with a 16 oz milk frothing jug.
  • This machine also comes with various accessories like Single & Double Pod filters and a combined measuring spoon.
  • This semi-automatic espresso machine comes with a removable drip tray which allows its users to accommodate all sorts of mug sizes.


After dispensing the cup of coffee and manually turning off the flow an internal valve automatically opens to relieve steam pressure to discharge residual steam/water mix into the drip tray. So make sure your drip tray is empty most of the time.

11)Coffee Machine Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

Material Stainless steel
Brand MDCG
Color Blue
Power  1 watt
Water tank capacity1.1 L
Rated voltage110~220V
  • The coffee it makes is very flavorful. It has 92° vertical water flow and a stable flow rate which makes sure that each coffee grain is fully extracted.
  • It is a very easy-to-use machine. It has a press one-button interface. This interface allows you to make your favorite coffee with just one touch.
  • This is a very quiet machine. You can drink your coffee without any sort of disturbance or noise coming from your coffee machine.
  • It is easy to fit anywhere. This compact and lightweight machine is suitable to fit almost anywhere in a kitchen or wherever you prefer.
  • This capsule coffee machine makes it easy for you to make your coffee and control its volume as well.
  • The quality of coffee it provides you with is very commendable. Because of stable output pressure, the pressure of the extracted coffee allows the steam to effortlessly and evenly mix up with the coffee powder, allowing you to take out the fine coffee grease.

12) MDCG Coffee Machine Semi-Automatic

Material Stainless steel
Brand MDCG
Color Blue
Power  1 watt
Water tank capacity1.4 L
Rated voltage110~220V
  • This machine is a perfect purchase for use in a restricted space. It is light in weight and compact in size which makes it fit in almost any kitchen perfectly.
  • This machine is not at all complicated. It is easy to set up and use. It has a one-touch button interface, and by that we mean you can get your coffee by pressing a single button.
  • Not only is it easy to use, but you can also control the volume of your coffee and it also has a steam handle that can be controlled as well.
  • This machine has a high rotating steam milk froth system. Because of its 140-degrees precise temperature control, the steam it produces is very powerful.
  • What makes it even better is that this machine is almost noiseless. This coffee maker is a quiet machine that makes sure to not disturb you with its noise.
  • This machine is made of stainless steel and has edging of glossy metal and PP material interweaving.

13)Mr. Coffee Café Barista Premium Espresso/Cappuccino System

Material Stainless steel
Brand Mr. Coffee
Color Stainless steel
Human user interface Touchscreen, dial
Item weight4.7 kg
Item dimensions28.5 x 22.5 x 32 centimeters
  • This machine is extremely easy to operate. It has a one-touch control panel that allows you to choose between a single shot or a double shot for your espresso, cappuccinos, and lattes.
  • It is easy to use. All you need to do is to pick a single or double shot filter, select your ground, fill the milk reservoir and choose your drink.
  • It automatically forths milk for you. When you pour the milk into the machine it gets divided into two different sections for lattes and cappuccinos.
  • If all of the milk is not used up you can keep the reservoir in the refrigerator. Hence, you need not worry about the amount your coffee would need.
  • This machine features an electric 15-bar pump pressure which helps you extract the most flavors out of coffee beans.
  • This simple easy to use espresso maker has a very slick and compact design which looks great kept in almost every type of interior.


With all the best semi-automatic espresso machines available in the market we have presented you with the top 13 selections to help you make a choice. To narrow this down even further we have the names of the top three espresso machines right here:

Oster Prima Latte Espresso, Cappuccino, and Latte Maker

Breville L.P. BES880BSS The Barista Touch Espresso Machine

EWX 3 in 1 Espresso Coffee Maker/Coffee Machine