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Water softeners are usually used to strip unnecessary minerals from hard water and make them usable for drinking, washing, and bathing purposes.

Did you ever find that your skin starts itching after bathing, and your hair becomes sticky and dull? This is due to the hard water. Hard water uses too much soap and does not create foam.

But do you know what is hard water, and why is it harmful to you?

In layman’s terms, hard water is called “Borewell water” which contains a high calcium and magnesium ion concentration that causes hard water.

 Invest your money in a good water softener that may save your family from getting diseases and other health-related problems.

What is a Water Softener System?

A water softener is a filtration system that removes the harmful calcium and magnesium ions from the hard water and makes it soft, and supply it further through the pipes to kitchens and washrooms.

Types of Water Softeners.

There are five types of water softeners that you must consider before proceeding to buy it.

  1. Salt-free Water Softening System.

This salt-free water softener eliminates other impurities in the water and does not add sodium to the water. The initial sum of the softener is massive, but after that, you just need to spend on salt. However, the calcium and magnesium ions are not entirely gone.

     2. Ion Exchanging Water Softeners.

Ions exchange replaces calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions. Glue or a wax-like substance is placed inside the water softener which attracts the ions and replaces them with Na+ ions. Hence, it is called ion exchange water softeners. The salt needs to be added from time to time.

     3. Magnetic water softeners.

The magnetic water softener uses the new technology that uses the magnetic field to alter the properties of the ions and does not stick to the pipes. However, it does not soften the hard water but does not allow it to come into your water.

    4. Reverse Osmosis water softener.

RO water softeners are used in kitchens for drinking purposes. The Hard waters are forced to pass through a thin membrane which filters the ions to the micro-level. RO water purifiers provide healthy drinking water, and its cost is high.

    5. Mobile water softeners.

Mobile water softeners are very compact and easy to move. To make it work you just have to add salt and it starts providing soft waters. But they have a limited supply for only one bathroom or kitchen at a time. These water softeners work similarly to ion exchange water softeners and are cheap and affordable.

Things you must check before buying a Water softener System.

  1. Identify your Problems.

Hire a water treatment professional who will inspect the water conditions and tell if you need it. After knowing your problem check the type of water softener you need for your home.

    2. Buy from a good and reputed brand.

Search for a good brand that will deliver you a good customer experience and lifetime value. See their official website, check their reviews, and the consumer rating their product.

    3. Size of the water softener.

Not every water softener is meant for your home. See the actual size you need and pay for it. An expensive water softener will cost you more in the long term for its maintenance and a cheap water softener will not last long and you will end up buying another water softener.

After knowing the types of water softeners that the market offers and things you need to take care of before buying a water softener, you might want to purchase a water softener. So, I have listed the top 13 water softeners of the best brands that you should review before buying it.

Top 13 best water softener systems in 2020.

1. Frizzlife RO Water Filter System.

The Frizzlife water filter system is an under the sink filter system and has a compact and stylish design and is tankless. It can fill up to 330 ml of a cup in 10 seconds. This product solves the problem of hard water by softening it and providing a better flow rate of water.


  1. This water softener comes with a 7 stage deep filtration that effortlessly removes the impurities like Chlorine, Arsenic, and fluoride and protects you from water-borne diseases.
  2. The Frizzlife comes with a compact and tankless design which saves space under the sink and removes the other pollution source. They guaranteed you to provide healthy drinking water consistently.
  3. The water’s flow rate is fair enough, and it can produce 600 gallons of water per day and fulfill the need for a large family. The filter system has a lower drain ratio of 1.5:1 which saves water.
  4. The Frizzlife has a LED Display that shows real-time TDS and the filter life, and it blinks when the filter needs to be changed.


Item Weight: 0.5 pounds

Model Number: BEV160

Purification Method: Reverse Osmosis, Alkaline


1. Pleated Carbon Compound filter 

2. 600G RO membrane

3. Alkaline Remineralization filter

4. Stainless steel faucet with brushed nickel finish.


  1. Compact and Tankless Design.
  2. Remineralize the water with the help of a Remineralization filter.
  3. Seven-layer deep filtration.


  1. A Bit Expensive but worth buying it.

2.  Aquabliss Shower Filter.

Replace your earlier shower with the aqua bliss shower filter to get a clean bath, and avoid the dry skin and itching hairs. No need for a plumber for installation as you can do it by yourself.


  1. The Aquabliss shower filter stops the entrance of calcium ions, chlorine, and other chemicals and delivers clean and softened water for bathing and no need to worry about itchy and dry skin.
  2. The cost of the shower filter is nothing in front of your health. The cost of Aquabliss is less and is last-longing which adds a customer lifetime value.
  3. Restore your healthy and moisture skin and make your hair shinier by purchasing this shower filter.


Package Dimensions: 3.3 x 3.3 x 4.7 inches

Item weight: 1.01 pounds

Model Number: AB-SF100

Manufacturer: Aquabliss


  1. Very cheap and Affordable.
  2. With an advanced multi-stage filter, it cleans every other impurity present in the water.


  1. Filters get clogged up after a few weeks.

3. iSpring ED2000 Whole House Electronic Descaler Water Conditioner, Alternative Water Softener

The iSpring electronic water softener cleans the hard water without adding chemicals or salts but, with the help of electricity, it does not allow the ions and impurities to settle in the pipes.


  1. The electronic descaler stops the deposition of minerals in the pipes, while keeping the minerals steady, and cleans the water without adding any substance to it.
  2. The electricity consumption of this electronic descaler is minimal but the cost of descaler is a little high.
  3. It does not require a high setup cost and is maintenance-free, and even fits on PVC pipe. It also comes with a one-year money-back guarantee.


Item Weight: 2 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7 x 3.5 x 2 inches

Item model number: ED2000

Manufacturer: ISpring Water Systems, LLC


  1. Save the electricity.
  2. No maintenance costs.
  3. 1-year money-back guarantee.


  1. It does not remove the calcium, or magnesium ions completely.

4. H2O Elite labs Electronic Water Conditioner.

This electronic water descaler protects the entire plumbing system and stops the deposition of calcium and magnesium minerals and even protects the water heaters.


  1. The Elite water softener solves the hard water issue by making it chemicals and impurities free and delivering fresh and clean water.
  2. It improves efficiency by softening it for other home appliances like washing machines, water heaters, etc.
  3. The elite water softeners have an easy installation process which can be done by one’s self. You can install it for any pipe and make it work. It is tested by the university and certified by labs.


Manufacturer: H2o Elite Labs

Model Number: EWC-Max i

Item Weight: 2.2 pounds

Package Dimensions: 8.8 x 5.5 x 4.4 inches


  1. Easy installation process.
  2. Save’s money and electricity.


  1. It is only suitable for homes.

5. Ispring RO Water filter system.

The product is built to restore and preserve the consistency of the water, and provides a clean, pure taste of the water.


  1. The seven stages of filtration clean the water up to a deeper level by removing 1000 contaminants like fluoride, arsenic, and calcium carbonate chemicals. The sixth stage of filtration restores the useful minerals with the help of a remineralization filter.
  2. The RO membrane removes contaminants of size up to 0.0001 microns and the end product gives the bottled quality water to drink.
  3. You can install the RO water filter by yourself, and all the important parts are included in the box. If you need any help with installation, see the instructions provided by the company or call an electrician.


Manufacturer: ISpring

Part Number: RCC7AK

Item Weight: 20 pounds

Product Dimensions: 15 x 8 x 18 inches


  1. Easy installation process.
  2. It removes up to 99.99% of harmful chemicals.
  3. Lifetime customer service for the American people.


  1. There is no advantage to people buying from another country.

6. FEEL SO shower head Water Softener.

This feelso shower has an immense power to stop the hard water minerals and make it soften. This shower filter comes with the latest, and compact design which does not feel heavy, and a solid swivel ball joint to make it rotate 360 degrees easily.


  1. This feelso shower head filter delivers the cleanest shower experience to your family. The 15 stages of filter protect you from harmful contaminants like chlorine, calcium and remove your dandruff, and dry itchy scalp.
  2. This shower head filter provides high pressure even when the water pressure is low and has a ball joint to make it rotate in any direction you want.
  3. You can experience five different modes of the shower like Massage Mode, Rain Mode, Mist Mode, Rain & Mist Mode, and Rain & Massage Mode. Move the dial and choose your favorite shower mode and enjoy the special experience of the shower.
  4. It has an easy installation process which you can do yourself and allow the water to flow from the filter for at least five minutes.


Manufacturer: FEELSO

Part Number: 21651

Item Weight: 1.48 pounds

Package Dimensions: 8.98 x 5.04 x 3.78 inches


  1. It has five spray modes, change it as per your need.
  2. Easy installation process.


  1. The shower filter needs to be clean every 2-3 weeks.

7. APECS water system RO Water Filter System.

The Apecs water comes with WQA certification and has long-lasting filters to provide unlimited clean water to drink. It removes up to 1000s of water pollutants like arsenic, nitrates, and chlorine and removes odors.


  1. The APECS water softener is built with superior and premium quality, engineered in the USA which guarantees your health safety and clean water.
  2. It has the latest technology that removes up to 99% of the harmful chemicals and prevents water-borne diseases. It ranked no. 1 in the USA for the last two decades in the water softener industry.
  3. The water filter comes with all the necessary parts, and no need to purchase anything from outside. The product comes with high-quality leak-free fittings, and if you find any faulty products or damaged parts, you can directly contact their sales team. It has an easy installation process that you can do yourself.


Manufacturer: APEC Water Systems

Part Number: ROES-50-A

Item Weight: 25 pounds

Product Dimensions: 16 x 5.25 x 17.5 inches


  1. Two-year manufacturer warranty.
  2. Easy installation process.


  1. It does not connect with Refrigerator.

8. Nuvo H2O Manor Water Softener System.

The Nuvo manor water system is built with 25 years of experience. It lowers the pH of the water and maintains its alkalinity. This water system solves the problem of hard water by making it soft for household and cooking purposes.


  1. This water softener system comes with a 10-micron carbon filter, one citrus charge cartridge, and eight 1.25 inches screws, and a user manual to provide a complete installation guide and how to use it.
  2. This water filter not only prevents incoming of hard water but also scale build-up. It cleans microchemical particles like chlorine, fluoride, etc, and protects your family from other health-related problems.
  3. It requires low-cost maintenance, no electricity, and saves much water.


Manufacturer: Nuvo H2O

Part Number: Refrigerator

Item Weight: 40.3 pounds

Product Dimensions: 26 x 8 x 8 inches

Item model number: DPNCB


  1. It required less amount of salt and no electricity.
  2. With its compact design, it easily fits anywhere in your home.


  1. Expensive than a normal RO filter.

9. Aquasure RO Water Filtration System.

The Aquasure water softener has a premium compact design which makes it looks attractive, and it ensures to provide high-quality drinking by maintaining its taste without harmful chemicals.


  1. This water filter removes 1000s of water pollutants effortlessly by providing healthy drinking water with its deep layer filters. This product is made to ensure every detail possible and is design in such a way to make high-quality filters and add a customer lifetime value, and provides safe water.
  2. With its outstanding performance, it can produce water twice than other RO water filters. It is quite easy to install and it has a valve for protection at every stage and prevents leakage of the system.
  3. The Aquasure has high-quality fittings to provide safe drinking water. It also comes with a three-year warranty for this product and lifetime support.


Product Dimensions : 15.5 x 5.5 x 16 inches; 20.8 Pounds

Item model number: AS-PR75A-BN

Manufacturer: Aquasure

Item weight: 21 pounds


  1. It has an easy installation process.
  2. Three-year manufacturer warranty and lifetime tech support.


  1. The filter needs to be changed and clean from time to time.

10. 3M Aquapure Under Sink Water Filter System.

The product comes with a simple design and a proper faucet in the box. It cleans up to 1000s of impurities present in water and terminates the entry of hard water. It also has a DIY installation process with an appropriate guide and videos related to it on the internet.


  1. The 3M AquaPure comes with dual-stage carbon block filters which easily removes the water pollutants like fluoride, arsenic, lead and checks the turbidity of incoming water.
  2. The SQC cartridge helps you to replace the cartridge easily and fast without effort. It has an AUTO Shut-OFF meter which automatically stops after delivering 625 gallons of water and indicates that the cartridge needs replacement.
  3. It comes with an appropriate faucet inside the box. You can install the water filter by yourself, with all the necessary products and the user manual provided in the box.


Product Dimensions: 15.75 x 10.88 x 3.25 inches

Item model number: 5583101

Manufacturer : 3M

Item weight: 5 pounds


  1. Easy installation process.
  2. AUTO Shut-OFF meter shows that the cartridge requires replacement.


  1. Water faucet quality is cheap.

11. Brita On-tap faucet water filter system.

The Brita has a faucet water filter system that is straight mounted on the Tap, and with the easy installation technique, you can start working quickly after placing it.


  1. The Brita On-tap water filter is designed uniquely to get a hold on all types of taps. It removes the hard water magnesium ions, chlorine, and odors and offers clean and healthy drinking water for drinking, cooking, etc. It reduces up to 99% of the contaminants that cause the water to taste dirty.
  2. It has an indicator like other water filters which shows when you should change the filter. After, every 100 gallons of water use, you have to change the filter to have a consistent water taste.
  3. It has an easy installation process that you can do by yourself, and no need to call a technician.


Material: Plastic

Item Weight: 0.93 pounds

Product Dimensions : 2.53 x 6.3 x 9.75 inches

Model number: 10060258422013

Manufacturer: Brita


  1. Cheap and Affordable.
  2. Value for money.
  3. It acquires less space.


  1. No manufacturer warranty.

12. Scalewatcher 3 Star Electronic Water Softener.

The Scale watcher electronic descaler works with the principle of electromagnetism by crystallizing mineral ions and does not allow them to stick with the inner pipes and avoiding blockage.


  1. This Scale watcher is a 1991 patented descaler and is widely used for homes, businesses, and factories. The electronic descaler does not allow the settling of calcium and magnesium ions but without removing them.
  2. This product works on electricity hence it does not require salt for functioning, unlike other water systems. It requires a power supply of 0.6A to work, which saves a lot of electricity. It also improves the lifespan of other electric appliances like a water heater, etc. Now you don’t have to worry about itchy skin and dry hairs.
  3. It works for all types of pipers, and mounting the descaler on the pipe is easy. Now buy this descaler hassle-free as it comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty.


Manufacturer: Scalewatcher

Part Number: 3 Star

Item Weight: 2.75 pounds

Package Dimensions: 14.4 x 7.4 x 2.9 inches


  1. Easy to install, and low maintenance.
  2. Two-year manufacturer warranty.


  1. It does not remove the calcium ions which may later enter your water.

13. WhirlPool RO Water Filtration System.

Whirlpool’s brand is famous for electric and home appliances that you can trust blindly and has good customer support. This water filter has a compact and sleeky design and attention to detail finishing to ensure a great experience.


  1. This water filter comes with 3 stages of filter, and it cleans the pollutants and bacterias at a deeper level better than 6 stage filters of its competitors. The consistency, and taste of the RO water filter, is better than the bottled water sold on the market.
  2. The filter changing process is easy with its ultra ease technology, and it also has an indicator to show when you have to change the filter. The three-stage filter not only cleans better but also acquires less space.
  3. The filters come with longer life to avoid extra filter expenses. Now you can drink fresh, clean, and healthy water from your tap through a whirlpool RO Water Purifier.


Manufacturer: KX Technologies

Model Number: WHER25

Item Weight: 12.97 pounds

Product Dimensions: 4.7 x 12.2 x 13 inches


  1. It is a highly-rated product on Amazon and also comes with Whirlpool’s brand.
  2. Affordable Prices.


  1. No warranty information is provided in the description.


After knowing the Top 13 water softeners you might have decided which type and size of water softener you need. However, If you are still not confirmed yet, which water softener should you go for? We have put our recommendation for the best water softeners which are affordable and value for money. The Ispring RO Water filter system and APECS water system RO Water Filter System are highly rated water softeners on Amazon, and both have similar pricing.

If we have to choose from both the water softeners, we will recommend you guys the Ispring RO Water filter system which comes with a lot of features.