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267 Million Facebook user data affected and being sold.


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Seriously !!!

In today’s generation when we talk about privacy being an essential fundamental right of the individual, Facebook what’s up to personal data of two 67 million Facebook users on sale for $600 on the dark web.

Not only Facebook, 5,30,000 zoom accounts have been put on sale on the dark web. The same company has reported the sale or Facebook accounts that have been hacked revealing essential details. The personal information from social media accounts Specially came from the US accounts.

what information?

It did not have passwords but had lots of information including full names, email addresses, date of birth, telephone numbers, and other identifiers. A small piece of information can make big deals for hackers, especially for those who practise phishing. What hackers do is, they steal information by pretending to be some official bodies.

They make a fool of the consumers. As per the data of Bob Diachenko, these hackers got access to information through Facebook‘s programming interface. So, personal data can be hacked and sold on the dark web, just like Facebook and other zoom accounts. The company Is responsible to prevent accounts from getting hacked and also maintain the privacy of individuals.

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