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P&G Confirms data breach but with a cryptic response.

Consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble (P&G) has confirmed a data breach resulting from a zero-day vulnerability in GoAnywhere, a secure file transfer software. The company, which owns major household brands such as Tide and Gillette, stated that the unauthorized access occurred between December...

Did Whitehatjr CEO Karan Bajaj Lie in Faye D’Souza’s Interview to Save the Company? Here’s a New Perspective

Founded in 2018 by Karan Bajaj, WhiteHat Jr is a unicorn EdTech start-up based in Mumbai that aims at imparting coding lessons to young minds of  6 to 18, through one-on-one video classes with 7000 instructors on board. Not too long ago, White Hat Jr....

Massive Data Leak by the Chinese Start-up SocialArks Exposes 200+ Million Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Users

More than 400GB of public and private profile data for 214 million social-media users from around the world has been exposed to the internet – including details for celebrities and social media influencers in the U.S. and elsewhere. A cloud misconfiguration by SocialArks, the High-flying...

Now: Pensions, the UK Firm Says That a ‘Service Partner’ Leaked Their Data

Workplace pension provider NOW: Pensions has emailed a number of UK customers to warn about a data leakage caused by contractor error. According to NOW: Pensions, fewer than 2 per cent of its customers were affected. The email, seen by The Register, claims a service...

OneClass unsecured S3 bucket exposes Private Info of more than one million students, instructors

Information associated with more than 10 lakh students in North America has been exposed. These students were identified as those who used the OneClas platform to access study guides and educational assistance. According to a report published by researchers led by Noam Rotem and Ran...

LG found affected by MAZE Ransomware

ransomware attack LG
Maze ransomware operators have claimed that they were successfully able to breach the LG electronics database. For this, they also released a zip file of 3.6 GB memory space. It is labeled as 1% LG electronics. The data is though now password protected, which...

Limeroad eCommerce got hacked and it’s 1.29 million is up for sale.

Cyble,  a US-based cybersecurity firm, has claimed that during its regular monitoring of deep web and dark web, it found that 1.29 million Limeroad users' data is up for sale there. The information which is up for sale includes names of users along with...

Data Breach: Frost & Sullivan databases for sale in hacking forum

One of the leading business consulting firms in the U.S., Frost & Sullivan, was breached after data from an unsecured backup folder which got leaked on the Internet was sold on a hacker forum. About FROST AND SULLIVAN Frost & Sullivan is a business consulting firm...

Oracle’s BlueKai Exposed Billions of Records of Web-Tracking Data

Online user data is a gold mine for businesses nowadays, and every company knows this. Many agencies have continuously been working, digging out vast amounts of personal information every day from billions of people. But this is linked with the risks related to systems...

267 Million Facebook user data affected and being sold.

Seriously !!! In today’s generation when we talk about privacy being an essential fundamental right of the individual, Facebook what’s up to personal data of two 67 million Facebook users on sale for $600 on the dark web. Not only Facebook, 5,30,000 zoom accounts have been...