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Limeroad eCommerce got hacked and it’s 1.29 million is up for sale.


Last Updated on 30/07/2020 by TheDigitalHacker

Cyble,  a US-based cybersecurity firm, has claimed that during its regular monitoring of deep web and dark web, it found that 1.29 million Limeroad users’ data is up for sale there. The information which is up for sale includes names of users along with their respective phone numbers and email addresses.

E-commerce websites have seen an increase in the number of such attacks or data breaches incidents in the past few months. Stating a recent event of May 2020 when an attack leaked the details of 15 million users registered on Tokopedia, which is the biggest online store in Indonesia.

Limeroad on being asked about the incident, the officials have strongly denied these baseless allegations.”As of now, only 44 numbers are available for the sample, of which very few can match our users’ numbers. We have no reason to believe anything other than that this is a random selection. We have asked the poster of the darknet and the officer from the cybersecurity front to give us the data to validate. We have not received any further data. Given the current data points, we have no reason to believe these numbers belong to any of our customers,” said Suchi Mukherjee CEO and co-founder of LimeRoad.

About the company

Limeroad a brand that was co-founded in 2012 by Suchi Mukherjee, Manish Saksena, and Ankush Mehra with a vision to serve as a fashion marketplace for women and was the first social shopping website that dealt in clothing and accessories for women, men and children.

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