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AWS says it mitigated a 2.3 Tbps DDoS attack in April 2020, the largest DDoS attack ever.


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Amazon said that its AWS Shield service had extenuated the most significant DDoS attack ever, which accounts to be about 2.3 Tbps.

The incident was reported in the company’s AWS Shield Threat Landscape [PDF], a report which consists of al the details related to web attacks mitigated by Amazon’s AWS Shield protection service.

In the report, no mention was there about the targeted AWS customer. The attack seemed to be carried out using a hijacked CLDAP server, which caused a three day “elevated threat” for the AWS Shield staff.


CLDAP or Connection-less Lightweight Directory Access Protocol is an alternative to the LDAP protocol, which is used to connect, search, and modify the Internet- shared connections.

These are being used since late 2016 as CLDAP servers are popularly known for the amplification of the DDoS attack by 56 to 70 times its initial size.

Previous Records

The previous records which were recorded in the same mitigation of DDoS attacks were:

    1. 1.7 Tbps, which was mitigated by NETSCOUT Arbor in March 2018.
    2. 1.3 Tbps of DDoS hit Github in Feb 2018.

Nowadays, most of the DDoS attacks which take place usually peak in the 500 Gbps range, which is why news of the AWS 2.3 Tbps attack came to a surprise for industry players.

Like if we see the previous reports, in its quarterly report for Q1 2020, DDoS mitigation service Link11 reported that the most significant DDoS attack it mitigated was of 406 Gbps. Similarly, in its Q1 2020 DDoS report, Cloudflare said the most significant DDoS attack it reduced peaked at over 550 Gbps.

Nonetheless, now we have a new record for the DDoS attack size, which is 2.3 Tbps mitigated bY AWS.

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