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Google Joins Dish for Creating 4G Mobile Carrier


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According to reports, Google is in talks with Dish in order to build a fourth US wireless carrier, even when Sprint and T-Mobile struggle to get its controversial merger cleared with state and federal authorities.

Many of the reports also suggest that Dish Network might buy assets from the two carriers and help in building a fourth competitive US carrier which satisfies the Department of Justice so that the merger can get improved. But according to recent rumors, another company might join the talks and get involved in the deal.

According to New York Post, Alan Mulally, a member of Alphabet Board of Directors, has been in talks with Dish about the creation of the carrier. “There’s no question they are talking,” said a source.

The latest plan involves Dish and Google launching a new wireless carrier and network utilizing assets acquired by T-Mobile. However, the sources add that the talks are in deliquesce and could fall apart. And it seems the T-Mobile is already aware of the talks between these two companies since it recently said that it is ready to sell only T-Mobile’s assets to Dish if no company takes more than a 5% stake in the new Dish carrier. Though T-Mobile is backing away because of Sprint merger, both DOJ and Dish have reportedly balked at the demand.

Today’s report also claims that this deal with the DOJ and T-Mobile could take another week or two to get done, with the source saying that the talks are currently “about halfway there”.

While this might prove to be a huge set up for Google’s cellular ambitions, the company has firmly denied that there are “any conversations with Dish about creating a wireless network”, says a source.

Since Google is one of the major companies which has an experience in the US mobile market, partnering with the giant tech despite the denials could really help jumpstart Dish’s new US carrier, which is likely why Deutsche Telekom, the parent company of T-Mo, is trying to limit the stake that another company can take in the new Dish carrier.

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