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Microsoft Announces OneDrive Personal Vault


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Microsoft today announced OneDrive Personal Vault for users, which will be a new security layer for protecting sensitive and important files. The feature is rolling out soon to the web, Android, Windows 10, and iOS in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and it would be available globally by the end of the year.

The company is also increasing OneDrive’s cheapest storage plan from 50GB to 100GB at no additional cost. Also, Office 365 subscribers are getting new storage options.

OneDrive’s Personal Vault is a protected area that can be accessed only by you with the Microsoft Authenticator app or a second step of identity verification (PIN, fingerprint, face, or a verification code sent to you via text message or email). Personal Vault is an area wherein users can save identification, home, vehicle, and insurance documents with no worries.

Users can also use OneDrive mobile app to scan documents, take pictures or shoot videos directly into their Personal Vault, keeping such important stuff away from less secured areas like a Camera roll. On Windows 10 PCs, OneDrive syncs all your Personal Vault files to a BitLocker-encrypted area of your local hard drive. It also gets locked automatically after a short period of inactivity. The defaults are 3 minutes in the mobile app and 20 mins in the Sync Client and on OneDrive.com. Users can adjust the times according to their wishes. 

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Microsoft Announces OneDrive Personal Vault 2


But, if you are using OneDrive’s free or standalone plan, then it only lets you store up to three files into Personal Vault, while Office 365 subscribers can store as many files as they want (up to their storage limit), a Microsoft spokesperson told VentureBeat.

OneDrive New Plans

One Drive Office Plans

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OneDrive Personal PlansMicrosoft Announces OneDrive Personal Vault 4

While the cheapest OneDrive plan has been increased from 50GB to 100Gb without increasing the cost, for Office 365 subscribers, the cost increments at $2 per month for 200GB, up to an additional 1TB for $10 per month.

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