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Remove China Apps deleted by Google on Play Store


Last Updated on 30/08/2020 by Hrithik V

“Remove China Apps” developed by a company based in Rajasthan, India has been removed for an unclear reason.

Remove china app not available on it's URL

Reason for removal as per Google

Remove China Apps deleted by Google on Play Store 1


From the time Youtube vs TikTok has started, Google has been pointed to be acting in favor of China.

TheDigitalHacker team has requested the original developer of oneTouchLabs, A company based in Rajasthan, India to share the reasons for violation and possible remedies to get the app back on play store.

Is this a Conspiracy?

Google has been planning to launch a censored version of its search engine in China and has made several attempts to build one.

As per authoritative reports, google had hired 100+ engineers to convert it’s an uncensored search engine to comply with China’s censorship policy and whip the revenue from the biggest country as per population in the world.

Acting and removing apps that keep “Chinese apps alive” can be a step to create trust and act loyally to the Chinese government and get back the permission to launch a censored search engine.

The history of support to Chinese companies in the past 15 days

  1. Google removed millions of negative reviews from TikTok after it was reviewed negatively by #BanChineseProduct trending in India
  2. Google removed app named “Mitron” having millions of downloads and several thousand on positive reviews after it was heavily adapted by Indian over TikTok
  3. Google has now removed “Remove China Apps”, an app that helps users in removing apps made in china for unknown users.

All these activities are being pointed to Google supporting China to gain its trust to launch its censored search engine.

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