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World’s First AI Universe Simulator


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A team of researchers recently pioneered the world’s first AI (artificial intelligence) simulator. Its quite quick, and its creators are confused by its ability to understand things about the Universe that it should not.

Scientists used computer simulations in order to try to reverse the origin and evolution of our universe digitally for decades. The best traditional methods using modern technology take minutes and produce Good results. On the other hand, the world’s first AI universe simulator produces results with much greater precision in just milliseconds.

According to the team’s paper, scientists are building a deep neural network to predict the formation of the structure of the Universe. It overcomes the traditional analytical quick approach and accurately extrapolates far beyond its training data.

This is also a sophisticated way of saying that it does not do what its developers have created it to do- simulate the evolution of the universe under various gravitational conditions- as it produces accurate results for variables over which it hasn’t been trained yet. For instance, a particular parameter that the reported simulation surprised the scientists was the amount of dark matter in the Universe.

The team did not train the system, called Deep Density Displacement Model (D3M), on data with varying amounts of dark matter, but AI inexplicably, and according to the research precisely, modified those values. Shirley Ho, a co-author on the role of team researcher said, “It’s like teaching image recognition software with lots of pictures of cats and dogs, but then its ability to recognize elephants. Nobody knows how it does this, and it’s a great mystery to be solved.”

The simulator also has the potential to help astrophysicists and researchers fill in some of the blanks in our cosmos’ backstory. The AI was actually developed by the lead author of the team’s work, Suyi He of the Flatiron Institute and Carnegie Mellon University, along with many co-authors.

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