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Apple chooses profit over privacy.


Last Updated on 11/12/2021 by TheDigitalHacker

China, A place for billions of mobile users.

A country that is boycotted by the most powerful nations in the world to stop slave labor has managed to make Apple, The trillion-dollar company bow.

It’s a shameful moment for America as the government rigorously works hard to stop citizens but on the other side finds companies including Google and Apple help the Chinese government set up a tracking system for government tracking.

Apple bowed to the Chinese Government to make a profit and in fact, they made a pretty good profit, after all, has become one of the most popular brands in China for mobile phones.

But now, after the news leak, It’s making customers, those who trusted Apple, angry.

It’s not just customers but also business-like facebook, who lost and continue to lose billions in this one-faced privacy implementation.

What’s the issue anyway?

The issue is the signed agreement that encourages China to track users, not have the right to privacy and look into the data stored on Apple Servers by Chinese customers.

A deal worth 275B USD was signed by Tim cook in 2016 with the Chinese government on a 1250 words memorandum. It has deals that invaded users’ privacy, disallowed users to use anonymous services like VPN, and most importantly made apple a profit first company.

Apple CEO, Tim cook in their reputation-building claims about privacy mentioned that “Apple is privacy first“, but the deal from 2016 with the Chinese government makes us think that Apple isn’t just a privacy-focused company but also probably a slave labor encourager.

Tim Cook on privacy

7 points that prove Apple cares about profit first, of course above privacy

  1. Apple signed a deal with China that was focused to invade users’ privacy by the Chinese government. Leaked in an official company document. (Read More)
  2. Apple devices used sold to Chinese consumers do not have the option to use VPN and protect their identity. This agreement was part of 1250 words memorandum signed between the Chinese government and apple. (Read more)
  3. Every company in china is forced to share backdoor access to the Chinese government and Apple stores Chinese consumers’ data in the cloud located there. This basically means that the Chinese government has access to the data stored by the users in locations like the cloud. (Read More)
  4. Apple modified original maps data in favor of China on a disputed island. Senkaku island is located in the sea part between China and Japan. Apple increased the size of the island on the map to gain territorial benefit and create nationalism in china over disputed land. (Read More)
  5. Despite creating a bridge of lies that will eventually crumble with reality, Apple tried to hide the Tim Cook visit with a public visit.
  6. Apple despite supporting the Chinese government in user data infiltration, Apple made big ads supporting privacy in April 2021. Facebook was one of the biggest losers. (Watch)
  7. Apple has yet not accepted or denied this deal and still pushing the loaf of privacy to users through its products.

Apple is not just a company that is breaking its ethics towards privacy in China but also

  1. Discouraging freedom of speech

2. Disouraging open Journalism

3. Discouraging users not to use privacy tools

Because a phone allows them to do that all but not for very long if the Chinese government gets to know about it. (Read More)

After all, do you really think Apple should be called truly a privacy-focused company? We at TheDigitalHacker don’t think so.

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