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RAT (Remote Access Trojan) Developer arrested for building malware that affected 10,000 computers

Law enforcement authorities have arrested a remote access trojan (RAT) developer for infecting around 10,000 computers with malware. The suspect, who has not been named, allegedly created and distributed the njRAT malware, which allowed him to gain unauthorized access to victims' computers and steal...

Apple chooses profit over privacy.

China, A place for billions of mobile users. A country that is boycotted by the most powerful nations in the world to stop slave labor has managed to make Apple, The trillion-dollar company bow. It's a shameful moment for America as the government rigorously...

Palmer Luckey’s Reviews on Trump’s Defence Contract Scrutiny

According to a report, Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus and an all-new defense start-up shared his views on Donald Trump's defense contract scrutiny. According to Palmer Luckey, Alphabet’s Google should have renewed its contract with the Department of Defence. "I think they were making a...

Apple Silently Removes Zoom Web Server from Macs

Apple recently sent a quiet security update to the Mac users two days ago when reportedly, a security flaw enabled the Zoom web server to turn on a person's webcam. The update ensures the removal of the feature that quickly connected users to conference...