This Is All You Need to Know About iOS Flaw Discovered by Project Zero...

Earlier this year, Apple had one of the most astounding iPhone bugs ever: a memory corruption bug in the iOS kernel that gave attackers remote access to the entire device over...
ios attack

The Mysterious iOS Attack

This Thursday evening witnessed Google's Project Zero security research group launched a broad campaign of iPhone hacking. Many websites in the wild had assembled five so-called exploit chains, tools that link...
apple india

Apple to Start Online Sales in India but can people really afford?

Indians from Ahmedabad to Mumbai can shortly be able to shop online for Apple products. The nation's government today declared that it would ease out rules on local production that restricted corporates like...
apple chromecast

Apple Music Beta Adds Chromecast Support

While Apple Music might not be the most popular music streaming service on Android, the latest beta upgrade adds Chromecast support for streaming playlists, radio stations, and more. Apple seems to be...

Apple Turns to Chinese Firm for OLED Screens

Apple is reported to be getting closer to signing off on the company’s first-ever order for OLED iPhone screens from a Chinese company, BOE. Apple has so far been dependent on Samsung for the advanced...

AI-Powered Nervana Neural Network Processors

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the buzz word that’s on everyone’s lips right now and that includes the experts at Intel, who are now pushing the mantra “AI Everywhere”. At the Hot...
apple 5 series

Apple Reveals Apple Watch Series 5 Upgrade

Apple Watch Series 5 is nearly actually going to be disclosed next month alongside the new range of iPhones. It looks highly likely that Tuesday, September 10 will be a massive day. And a new leak has just confirmed that the smartwatch will be available in different finishes from the...
Google Calendar

Google Calendar under attack, Hackers offer iPhone XS and more to manipulate users

Google calendar, One of the most used feature of google’s ecosystem has been attacked by hackers offering iPhone XS and Amazon Vouchers to download viruses.  The bug has been reported by Macbook...
iphone 11

Details About iPhone 11 Line-up

Apple will undoubtedly still have a few surprises left in store when it unveils its new iPhone 11 line-up next month, but most of what is discussed on stage that day...
apple tim cook

Safari Browser Blocks Advertisers and Businesses from Online Tracking

Website publishers and companies that show ads on them can track you from one site to another, creating a profile on your interests intended to show ads more targeted toward your...