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Smart Voice Assistants(Alexa, google assistant) can be hacked with an inaudible sound! Here is how…

alexa with soundwave
A new study has shown that inaudible ultrasound commands can be used to control voice assistants and other smart devices, without the knowledge of the user. This can lead to serious security breaches, such as theft of personal information, or even taking control of...

Google Assistant Helps Send Reminders

Google assistant
Google is adding a new feature to its Assistant that will let users assign reminders to other people, so long as that person is part of an opt-in group of trusted fellow Assistant users. The feature is intended principally for families, it will function...

Shock: Google Assistant Can Now Read Out WhatsApp messages, Here is how.

Google Assistant has long had the option to read one's SMS messages aloud, but that has not done much good if one's conversations resided in third-party apps. That should not be an issue for long. Google Assistant has been rather barebones once it involves reading...

Google’s Assistance Replies When Turning Off Lights

Google’s Assistance
According to recent reports, Google described the annoying scenario, especially when you are just about to sleep, of receiving a loud response when shutting off smart lights. Imagine this instance- You, about to fall asleep: “Ok Google, turn off the bedroom lights”. Google Home responds, a bit...

Voice Assistants Get Smarter This Year

voice assistant becomes smarter
For all those who keep following smart-home voice assistants at home or at work, its time they get updated along with the new Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant updates coming soon. Here are the leaders with their updates ALEXA Amazon has definitely been a leader in the smart-home...