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Top 12 VPNs for Android TV

It's tough to locate a VPN that you can rely on to keep your Android safe. On the Google Play Store, there are hundreds of bogus VPN apps that might infect your Android with malware. Furthermore, you cannot rely on most of them to...

This Is How Google Drive Turned Into Goldmine for Pirated and Explicit Content

Cybercriminals are freely storing and sharing illegal software licenses, movies, games and porn content -- most of which have allegedly been indexed in Google Search as some Drive users made such links public in their individual accounts. Google Drive is a service for file storage...

IndiaMART data breach: 40,000 company records discovered on cyber crime forums

One of the biggest online marketplaces in India, IndiaMart has been attacked by the inauthentic breach which exposed sensitive information related to 40,000 suppliers. Talking about the background profile India mart it is a B2B e-commerce site with an aim of connecting suppliers across the...

Oracle’s BlueKai Exposed Billions of Records of Web-Tracking Data

Online user data is a gold mine for businesses nowadays, and every company knows this. Many agencies have continuously been working, digging out vast amounts of personal information every day from billions of people. But this is linked with the risks related to systems...

Business Data breached by twitter, they apologized.

twitter breach
Twitter is a social media platform with a wide range of businesses carrying out the B2B marketing strategy over there. According to recent data, 75% of B2B marketing takes place through the Twitter handle. With such vast information available on the platform, a small...

New Vulnerability for Zoom Video Conference Mac App

A new vulnerability has been found for the Zoom video conference app on the Mac. In a post on Medium, Jonathan Leitschuh, a security researcher, outlined the flaw which could let websites take over one’s Mac’s camera. When one installs the Zoom app on Mac, it...

Instagram Can Now Recover Hacked Accounts

Instagram is now all set to launch its advancement in the application. Now, Instagram might offer a little more reassurance if your account has never been hacked. The social network is currently testing an in-app account recovery process that would make it easy to...