Movable generators have recently undergone many important technological changes. One is important for security or safety purposes, and one increases the scale of execution for some definite breed or phylum called an inverter generator. To detract the hazard of carbon monoxide poisoning, some fresh portable generators individualize an in-built sensor that actuates an automatic closedown if the amount of CO gas increases to hazardous levels in an engaging space. And some generators also have a different type of engine that withdraws less amount of CO gas for the first time.

If you want to obtain a movable generator, you can contemplate an inverter generator with new variants with CO safety closedown which starts emerging online and other retailer counter-shelves. As a variant, inverter generators are more costly than conventional portable models, but they have their separate benefits. The following reformation incapacity of the inverter generators means that you frequently don’t have to stow the gas tank or cistern. Inverter generators also generate fewer discharges of harmful gases and are commonly very calm and silent.

  1. What is an Inverter Generator?

General movable generators and portable inverter generators both utilized gasoline or other fuels to operate the inner combustion engine. Generators transform mechanical energy into electrical energy by the means of a circumstance or event known as electromagnetic induction. The potential difference or voltage is produced by the motion of the conductor, usually coils of wire within a magnetic case.

Around ten years ago, Automobile Company Honda inaugurated a new kind of device or machine called the inverter generator. It was smaller in size, compatible and lighter, quieter, and more accomplished than conventional variants. An inverter generator is devised to yield more amount of AC (Alternate Current) electrical energy per engine rotation, unlike that, it can be used immediately to convert raw power or electrical energy to DC (Direct Current) power first.

In an inverter generator, the engine motion or speed alter depending on the electrical requirement it asks, which remarkably detracts from noise or clamors and fuel exhaustion as compared to general movable generators. All these matters conclude that it is a type of portable generator with diminished weight and size or shape, along with a high amount of electrical power.

  1. Types of Inverter Generators:-

To better understand the choices of the users, these generators are divided into three main groups:

1. Large Inverter Generators:-

With a small amount of exclusion, huge inverter generators that weigh around 250 pounds or more (which also includes small tires or wheels in the generators). It is very large enough to provide electric power in your home. They produce 5,000 watts of electric power or more at the voltage of 220 volts.

This group of inverter generators can be immediately appended to your electrical panel or board with a security instrument known as a transfer switch.

2. Middle Sized Inverter Generators:-

They weigh around 80 pounds or more and they also contain wheels in it. They generate around 2,500 to 4,500 watts but don’t permit the prescribed choice to attach to your electrical panel board along with a transfer switch. Alternatively, you plug the appliances devices or electronics straight into the generator, which can be hazardous if some instructions are not followed or supervened.

This type of generator is adapted for amusive or recreational vehicle users. They will generate all the power or energy you require for plug-in or joint devices such as a toaster or microwave, and they are very lightweight which can remove and bear them to a secure distance from your RV previously.

3. Recreative Inverter Generator:-

The weights around 50 to 60 pounds and are built up to be carried out with one hand. Most recreational variants have their maximum power of around 2,000 watts, which should be too much for hounding or camping.

  1. Things to be Consider Before Buying A    Inverter Generators:-
  •  Size of the Movable Inverter Generator

The size of an inverter generator is computed by their electric power or energy, not their proportions or dimensions. Portable inverter generators operating on fuel or gasoline can be classified into three groups. These are less than 2000 W, 2000 – 7000 W, and 7000 W or more.

Movable inverter generators with electric power less than 2000 watts are the most lightweight generators in size and are ordinarily carried out with some type of handles or knobs. Most of these variants are under the size of fewer than 70 pounds. 

The more the electric power, the greater will be the inverter generator dimensions. The most energetic movable inverter generators have their weight of around 200 pounds to 300 pounds along with a defensive framework or design.

  •  Suitable Design for Appropriate Use

Before you have observed how much electric power an inverter generator needs, you can begin visualizing the composition of movable inverter generators. As referred, most designs are nearby concerned with the generator’s electric power. It means that the higher the electric power,  the larger the inverter generator.

Small portable inverter generators are nice choices for rarely used, like campfire tours. These textures or designs can be readily moved around and fit easily into the car. If you only require to charge some individual electrical instruments such as cellular phones and torches, then these small inverter generators are sufficient.

A better option for outward trips is the solar-powered movable generator. With the help of these solar-powered and rechargeable batteries in the generators, these generators don’t need any type of large-scale wiring and cords or cables. 

When you require more electric power but don’t hope to operate the total building structure, a middle-sized portable inverter generator is the finest choice for you. Movable inverter generators are formulated like readily round-shouldered transport which is helpful for external job localities. These generators have sufficient energy or power for electrical equipment and appliances devices such as Televisions and Refrigerators.

Some of the largest portable inverter generators are deceptive. There are wheels or small tires in the design of the generators, but due to their large weight, they can’t carry out easily to anyplace. Some other variants are around greater than 250 pounds that can’t be jerked by a single person.

After all the inverter generator is to be utilized only for a single location, select a secure spot for the inverter generator. Hence, the inverter generator can remain stable and the load or weight of the generator is not anymore an issue or a problem for the user.

  • Continuous Energy vs. Surge Energy in Inverter Generators

These Inverters Generators introduced two different scales of power or energy which are:- Running power and surge power. Both are calculated in watts.

Continuous Energy is also known as rated or graded watts. This is the efficiency of the inverter generator at a constant period. Surge power is also called Originating Energy or starting watt. Electrical appliances and equipment absorb more energy when they are turned on. 

  •  Establishing a Transferral or Transfer Switch and Prohibiting Backfeed 

A transfer switch or button is required for a home-based inverter generator. It attaches the inverter generator to the house by the means of an availability or utility grid. The transfer switch intercepts the inverter generator from operating cumulatively with the well-ordered power supply of electricity. 

The transfer switch of the inverter generator is installed by a trained professional worker. If it is not done accordingly can cause strangulation.

Backfeed happens when the inverter generator emits electric waves or signals on the contrary side of their normal current flow. It can also occur when the inverter generator is appendant to the main grid of that particular locality. It can also happen when an inverter generator is clogged or plugged outright into the foremost opening of the building property.

Always attach the portable inverter generator to the chief viability or utility grid of the building property with the help of a shifting or transfer switch. Initiate all the movable inverter generator’s customer guidebook rules and regulations discreetly and utilize every mandatory security safeguards and provisions.

  • Kinds of Sockets or Outlet and How Many Outlets you require

It is preferable to have multiple outlets on your movable inverter generator. There are two primary factors for having multiple outlets on movable inverter generators.

The first factor is the expansion of the load. The load in the generator is the number of instruments or gadgets appendant to the generator. Dissemination of these connections at multiple outlets makes it simple and easy for the inverter generator to maintain the electric power constant.

Differently, it is not prescribed to utilize every outlet simultaneously. For a long time, this may give rise to the overburden of power in the generator. An overwhelmed inverter generator harms every appendant equipment or devices along with the inverter generator. Most portable inverter generators are equipped with two general outlets;  120V 20A switch plug and 120V/240V 30A switch plug.

Pay full consideration to the amperes and voltages required for the connected devices. Do not attach electronic instruments that have a higher voltage and current rate than the prescribed current and voltage rate. If the inverter generator is not equipped with a computerized or automatic circuit breaker or resistors, attach it to the generator. This defends both your appendant sentient electronic equipment and the inverter generator.

Movable inverter generators that are formulated to have a constant adequate electric power for susceptive electric equipment also have an extra variety of switch plug. Some vacuous mini portable inverter generators also have a USB port to connect electronic devices in it.

 Top 8 Best 2000 Watts Inverter Generator 

1. WEN 56200i 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

If you don’t desire to deplete a thousand bucks for Honda Generators, then this generator is the best alternative for you. It is one of the cheapest variants of 2000 Watts Inverter Generator. 

Alike, it is also a well-working inverter generator, captivating principally favorable or positive reviews from the folk or people who have purchased it. It also appears to be on the sober and calm aspect which makes it a plausible preference for hounding, sailboats, and campfire.

The noise scale roams around 51 decibels at the time of its operation which makes it nearly as silent as the Honda’s Inverter Generator. Nevertheless, it is gradually less energetic with a power wattage range of 2000 watts at its starting level and 1600 watts during its operation time.

It contains general DC and AC Outputs besides a USB Port for movable or portable electronic devices. The operation time of this inverter generator is around 6 hours without any hindrance which depends upon the load of the generator.

This is a rather general execution time for most of the inverter generators of this variety or size. As it is one of the cheapest inverter generators, the refinement or finishing quality of the product is not so good as other inverter generators in this range.


Model Number 56200i
Energy or Power Source  Gasoline or Fuel-based
The engine of the Generator79.7cc
Horsepower 2 HP
Working or Running Wattage of the Generator1600 W
Upsurge Wattage of the Generator 2000 W
Fuel Tank or Cistern 1 Gallon 
Half-Load Execution Time  6 Hours 
Fuel Exhaustion (Complete Load)25 Gallons per hour 
Number of Outlets in the Generators4 Outlets 
Weight of the Generator 48 lbs or 21.77kg
Price $ 420.39 (US Dollar)

Advantages and Disadvantages:-


  • One of the cheapest 2000W Inverter Generator
  • It is very cozy and lightweight 
  • It is very silent and quiet during operation 
  • It is simple to use 


  • It is not so strong and energetic as compared to Honda’s Generator

You can get the complete detail of the product here – Check This on Amazon

2. Westinghouse iGen2200 Portable Inverter Generator 

The company Westinghouse built up some of the finest movable inverter generators in the 2000W range. Their highlighted variants like WGen 7500 or WGen 9500 have become some of the consumer’s preferred choices for such types of portable inverter generators.

And when we discuss the 2000 Watts Inverter Generator, then it is one of the best options among all the Westinghouse products regarding Generators. It is available in two color varieties:- blue and camo genre.

The camo variant generator is particularly attractive for those who require gen for hunting or fishery. It has a power wattage range of 2000 watts at its starting level and 1800 watts during its operation time. This generator has an equivalent amount of power as compared to Honda EU2200i Generator.

It is also almost silent and calm which sounds around 52 dB of noise level which makes it one of the most silent inverter generators among all the generators. The fuel tank of 1.2-gallon supplies uninterrupted functioning of the generator for nearly 6 to 10 hours, depends u[on the load of the generator. It also consists of exclusive USB ports to charge other movable electronic devices.


Operational Wattage 1800 W
Top Wattage 2000 W
Running Ampere15 A
Peak Ampere 18 A
AC Voltage 120 V
AC Frequency Rate 60 Hz
Fuel Tank or Cistern Volume 1.14 gallon or 4.3 liters
Noise or Clamor Scale 52 decibels
Engine Dislocation or Displacement 80 cc
Weight of the Generator 46 lbs or 21 kg
Price $497.00 (US Dollar)

Advantages and Disadvantages:-


  • It has an extensive running time 
  • It is very lightweight 
  • It is also very silent and quiet during its operation


  • It doesn’t contain any fuel gauge or scale to measure the level of fuel in the generator 

You can get the complete details of the product here – Check this on Amazon

3. Yamaha EF2000iSv2, Gas Powered Portable Inverter

Yamaha is a famous trademark or company which is popular for producing standard instruments or appliances of multiple varieties, besides with generators or engines. The motors utilized in their inverter generator are of the best quality as competed with its rivalry competitor, Honda Company.

It is a very convenient inverter generator headlining the veritable Yamaha engine which conveys 2000 Watts as its Originating or Starting Watts and 1600 Watts as its Operating or Running Watts. Its silent functioning makes it one of the best and recommended inverter generators on our list.

Producing less than 52 decibels of irregular sounds or noise(which depends upon the load of the generator). That’s why it is categorized amongst the most silent and quietest inverter generators on our list.

The inverter generator embarks rapidly and is accessible and ready for use within a few seconds because of its in-built unwind or decompression method used in the generator. This generator can outstay for up to 10 hours on a single fulminate of fuel in the inverter generator.

But its main disadvantage is that these inverter generators aren’t available at an inexpensive price so you have to pay a little bit of a high price to buy this generator. 


Variant Code EF2000iSv2
Weight of the Generator 44.1 lbs or 20 kg
Engine Type OHV, Enforced Air-Cooled, Four- Stroke Single Cylinder 
Engine Displacement 79cc
Fuel Cistern Efficiency 1.1 Gallon or 4.16 liters
Cooling Type Air Cooled
Maximum AC Output 2000 Watts
Classed or Rated AC Output1600 Watts
Price$849.00 (US Dollar)

Advantages and Disadvantages:-


  • The Engine of the Inverter Generator is made from Yamaha brand which provides the finest quality in engines
  • It is the quietest variant of Inverter Generators in the marketplace
  • Its operation or running time is very long 
  • It is very simple to employ it with it’s best features


  • It is highly valuable or expensive in terms of price 

You can get the complete detail of the product here – Check This on Amazon

4. Generac 6866 iQ2000 Inverter Generator 

Generac Company is one of the enormous manufacturers of inverter generators in the US marketplace. If you’re looking for a 2000 Watts powered Inverter Generator, then Generac 6866 IQ2000 is the perfect choice for you which is built by Generac Company.

It has 2000 Watts as its Originating or Starting Wattage Rate and 1600 Watts as its Operational or Running Wattage Rate. It is also considered among the quietest or most silent inverter generators. 

It’s irregular sound or noise scale fluctuates around 50 to 60 decibels. Therefore, it is a plausible inverter generator among all the tourists or campers and for those persons who require 2000 watts inverter generators for outside exhibitions or fairs, hounding celebrations, and in sailboats.

It is very simple to actuate with the help of its control panel. The control panel of the inverter generator has a very spontaneous formation which makes it very attractive. The pointers or the indicators in the control panel notify the user about the present load of the generator and its fuel level.

This feature assists a lot to all the users in commanding or controlling the working method of the generator and guarantees all the users that the generators notify the user before they are seized or run out of fuel. You can harmlessly utilize the generator to charge all your movable electronic devices and minor electrical equipment.


Operational or Running Wattage Rate 1600 Watts 
Starting Wattage Rate 2000 Watts 
Fuel Used in the Generator Gasoline 
Fuel Tank or Cistern Capacity 7.2 Gallons or 27 Litres 
Operation Time 7.7 Hours at 25% Load
Weight 46.2 lbs or 21 kg 
Price $799.00 (US Dollar)

Advantages and Disadvantages:-


  • These inverter generators are graciously very silent and quite 
  • They are portable and can be placed at any place wherever you want 
  • It also consists of a convenient Control Panel for the consumer to easily manage all the functions of the generator
  • It is a fairly very low-priced inverter generator


  • Substances used in the refinement of the inverter generator are not made of high-quality material.

You can get the complete detail of the products here – Check this  on Amazon

5. Briggs & Stratton P2200 Inverter Generator 

The Briggs and Stratton P2200 is a duly priced inverter generator that supplies a little bit more energy or electrical power than many other inverter generators. It has a weight of around 54 lbs which makes it lightweight and portable. Through this feature, this inverter generator is going to obtain more wattage.

It has a top load efficiency of 2200 Watts and an operational or running load of 1700 Watts which is provided by an uneven and authentic 110cc engine. Noise Scale or levels for this generator are rather fine. 

At the rate of 25% load and a distance of 23 feet away from the generator, the noise level of the generator estimates around 59 Decibels. The structure and design of the generator are very real and genuine. Also, it has one of the finest knobs or handles positions. 

This generator can be conveyed by two people readily with the help of its two tips or sides handles and centrally placed single knob or handle that supplies a surpassing weight symmetry or balance when it is carried by one hand.

It has an aligned summation or connection ports that permit the user to connect it with other PowerSmart Briggs and Stratton inverter generators to raise the power output of the generator. A precisely outlaid control panel in the generator supplies two 120V AC outlets besides a 5A 12V outlet along with a USB adapter to charge your mobile phones and other electrical devices.

At a 25% load, the generator operates for almost 8 hours if the fuel cistern or tank is filled with fuel or gas. 


Operational or Running Watts1700 Watts
Starting Watts 2200 Watts 
Engine Dislocation or Displacement110cc
Fuel Cistern Efficiency 1 gallon or 3.8 liters
Operation Time Up to 8 hours at 25% Load 
Weight of the Generator 59 lbs or 27 kg
Price $641.44 (US Dollar)

Advantages and Disadvantages:-


  • Eminent intensive design with strong plastic closet 
  • Fuel productive with a long operational or running time 
  • Easy Control Panel 
  • Lowest continuation or maintenance demands
  • Great electric power output for this type of inverter generator 


  • No USB Power Outlets in the Generator

You can get the complete details of the product here – Check this on Amazon

6.  Westinghouse WH2200iXLT Inverter Generator

Westinghouse WH2200iXLT is an exceedingly silent, movable inverter generator. It is a very lightweight inverter generator that produces a maximum wattage of 2200 watts. It is adequate for preparing continual wattage up to 1800 watts.

In this list, we’re going to receive an extensive estimation at the Westinghouse WH2200iXLT, including what we relish about it, and what we don’t and it’s most general usage. With 1800 operational or running watts and a top wattage of 2200, this variant is energetic enough to electrically power multiple small types of equipment besides a pair of enormous or larger devices all over to your home.

A running wattage rate of 1800 watts is of great quantity to grip the most utilized electrical appliances like your refrigerator, candescence or lighting system, and telephone line. In conjunction with being a model for vindicating alternative electrical power in your house throughout a deficit or loss, it is also prominent for using in multiple cases in which a high-quality movable generator is high-priority.

The inverter generator ensures that there is very short or little total harmonic distortion in the output of the generator which is less than 3%. A stable supply of secure and fresh electric power means that miniature or small and sentient or sensitive electronics devices can be carefully conducted personally with the help of this inverter generator. 


Operational or Running Watts1800 Watts 
Peak Watts 2200 Watts
Operational or Running Amperes15A 
Peak Amperes 18A
AC Voltage Rate 120V
AC Frequency Rate60 Hz
Fuel Cistern Efficiency 1.3 gallon or 4.9 liters
Running Time at 25% Load 13 hours 
Total Harmonic Distortion Less than 3% 
Engine Dislocation or Displacement 80cc
Type of Engine OHV 4 Stroke
Weight 43 lbs or 21 kg
Price $775.00 (US Dollar)

Advantages and Disadvantages:-


  • Working of the generator is very silent 
  • Exceedingly fuel effective 
  • Compress and Vacuous 
  • Less rate of THD for secure and fresh electric power 


  • Low oil sensor tends to evolve defects in the generator 

You can get the complete detail of the product here – Check this on Amazon

7. Generac 7117 GP2200i Portable Inverter Generator

This company Generic is perhaps one of the most general and famous inverter generators brands and this generator is regarded as one of the finest inverter generators of this brand. The user should be aware that the unit comprises a unique Truepower Technology that assists the user to supply fresh electric power that is free of voltage alternates or fluctuations.

What we care the most about this inverter generator is that it is very simple to use. It appears with an ingenious control panel that comprises a shaft or knob through which you can begin and pause or stop the generator.

Besides, it also contains a caution light that enlightens when the fuel level of the generator is very low. With only 1.2 gallons of gas, you should be acquiring an astonishing operation time of around 11 hours at 25% load.


Model Number 7117 
Engine Type TruePower Technology 
Operational or Running Watts1700 Watts
Starting Watts 2200 Watts 
Number of Outlets 2 (1 USB Outlet and 1 12V DC Outlet)
Fuel-Type Gas-powered
Fuel Cistern Capacity 1.2 gallon or 4.5 liters
Operation Time at 25% Load 10.75 hours or 11 hours
Weight 46.6 lbs or 21kg

Advantages and Disadvantages:-


  • This generator is very fuel-efficient 
  • Grossly energetic
  • Compact and cozy in weight and size
  • Supplies fresh and static electric power 
  • Proposed collateral or parallel connection for more electric power 


  • The Eco Mode of Other Generators works better than this variant 

You can get the complete details of the product here – Check this on Amazon

8. WEN 56203i Portable Inverter Generator

This inverter generator is scrimp or small in size that can be easily conveyed without any difficulty so far strong enough to grant the user all the facilities that you might require during your thrill and adventures

The finest specification of this inverter generator is that it is a super silent or quiet inverter generator which means that you can go on relishing your picnic in serenity. It may be miniature or small in its size, but it is heavy-laden with multiple outlets that veil nearly all things you may require to charge. 

This comprises charging your mobile phone, go-pro cameras, etc. This inverter generator is mechanized or powered by a 79cc 4 stroke engine. Therefore, you can readily acquire a 1700W operational or running power and a 2000W starting power from this inverter generator.


The engine of the Generator 79 cc OHV 4-stroke engine 
AC Voltage 120V 60 Hz 
DC Voltage12V
Starting Watts 2000W
Running or Operational Watts 1700W
Fuel Cistern Size 1 gallon or 3.8 liters
Fuel Type Gasoline 
Weight 40.3 lbs or 18.28 kg 
Price $ 423.60 (US Dollar)

Advantages and Disadvantages:-


  • Delivers 7 hours of the facility at 50% load 
  • Super silent inverter generator
  • It comprises of various outlets 
  • It highlights an ECO-mode switch key to detract fuel exhaustion


  • It requires to purchase the collateral or parallel equipment aside 

You can get the complete details of the product here – Check this on Amazon


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