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Gaming is not just a hobby. It’s a passion. It’s an escape. But over the last decade, it has become so much more than that. The gaming industry keeps growing and growing with new developments in technology and games coming out every other month. Gaming is now on your smartphone and your computer, consoles, and even virtual reality is gaining ground on the market. 

Gaming has gone from being restricted to consoles or PCs to becoming mainstream entertainment with streamers garnering hundreds of thousands of views for their videos on Twitch or just a simple game between friends getting tens of thousands of likes on Facebook. A gamer uses a lot of accessories from headphones to a mouse and that list includes a gaming chair too in fact it is one of the top priorities of a gamer after his console or pc.

A gaming chair could be defined as a chair that is specifically intended to be used by those people who spend most of their time playing video games. Needless to say, the quality of such chairs is generally superior in comparison to that of a regular office chair. Hence, if you are looking for a chair for marathon sessions when playing video games, the best option is to opt for a gaming chair. They combine the comfort from fully padded office chairs with the ergonomics and cross-support from office racing chairs.

Gaming chairs are designed by keeping gamers in mind. They are designed to improve your gaming experience no matter how long you play or how frequently you play. These ergonomic chairs are available in a variety of colours and materials so you can match your style and room just right. The advantages of gaming chairs vary based on your chair type and configuration. Some cards include arms that can swivel and turn toward you for posture support or adjust the height with ease, as well as features that allow you to change your leg’s angle for better balance while standing or sitting. In addition, many features can be set to automatically adjust for different levels of exhaustion or pain.

Once you use a gaming chair, there is no going back. A lot of avid gamers have switched from the old computer chairs they used to cherish for a very good reason. The features that come with the chair are actually very enticing and those features include specialized ergonomic designs with well-cushioned seats, a safety release mechanism

It is not always easy to choose when a lot of products are available on the market. At times, you end up buying a not-so-good product because of going about it randomly. This gaming chair buying guide comprises some basic points that can be highlighted while looking for one. Starting with some features of gaming chair 

Features of a gaming chair 

Posture support – Gamers usually spend hours in front of a screen without even moving for a washroom break which is why their body posture during this time is extremely important and a bad posture could cause problems like chronic back pain, spinal injury, neck stiffness and leg pain among others. Gaming chairs have features that specifically suit your body type and support your posture, including back support, armrests that tilt backward for better support while seated, and a sloping side cushion that decreases the risk of damage from rough floors and long hours at a computer desk.

Adjustability – A gamer changes his position every new round or at specific intervals and also gamers usually play multiple games some of which can be played while relaxing while some require intense action and alertness. Gaming chairs come with adjustable settings, from excellent recline to multiple angles it adjusts as per gamer’s need providing all round comfort. 

Durability – Gaming chairs are designed in a way that they can handle every nuisance of a gamer which gives them excellent durability, also components used in gaming chairs are of very high quality giving them a good build. Gamers hate to change their chair because it disturbs their gameplay, keeping this in mind chairs made to handle wear and tear.

Loaded with Technology – Gaming chairs have one outstanding feature that they are loaded with good technological components like you connect wirelessly with consoles and PCs thus improving gaming experience. Gamers can control music and also some chairs come with vibrating action. These inbuilt technologies are exclusive features of gaming chairs 

Smooth experience – Gaming chairs are built with one goal in mind that it should provide a smooth and comfortable exercise to the gamer or user , which is why these chairs add value to your setup which normal chairs can never replace , they cater to every need of gamers so that his gaming could be improved 

Advantages of a gaming chair 

Comfort – One of the biggest advantages of gaming chairs is the comfort they provide. Imagine sitting on a normal office chair and playing for hours, most people would give up after 2 or 3 hours because of the uncomforting nature of those chairs have. Gaming chairs are ergonomically designed for comfort so you can play games comfortably for long periods of time. The chair is created in a special way that makes your back sit straight while playing and doesn’t let your shoulders, neck, or arms sore which eventually improves your gaming experience. 

Health benefits – It is common for gamers to spend far too much time playing their favourite games. Gaming can be an exciting activity, but long hours spent playing the games can lead to health problems. The simple logic is that you cannot sit immobile for eight hours without the risk of pain and injury. Chronic back pain and neck problems are very common. Carpal tunnel syndrome is also common due to the repetitive nature of clicking a mouse or gaming for extended periods. A good gaming chair can prevent all of these because it comes with lumbar support, improved reclining, armrests, headrest and ergonomic design which directly supports your body posture. Research has found that a gaming chair reduces lower back pain, prevents tension in the neck, decreases frequency of headaches and prevents back pain.

Multi-functional – Gaming chairs are not just for playing games, these modern chairs can be used to relax, watch a movie, study or even take a nap. A gaming chair serves all our purpose and eliminates the need to buy chairs for other tasks. You can use a gaming chair for office use but not vice versa. So, buying a gaming chair is is much better and affordable option in long term 

Better focus – When we are comfortable with our surroundings our productivity and focus improve exponentially. That’s why you would have noticed that a professional gamer never plays without his chair. A gaming chair can help you improve your gameplay and even for other tasks like studying or office work a good comfortable chair will surely improve your concertation and productivity 

Disadvantages of a gaming chair 

Expensive – A good gaming chair can be pricey based on the features it comes with. Therefore, it can mean you have to look for a chair that only has the features you are interested in to cut down on the expenses. A point to note is that you cannot get a quality, reliable and durable gaming chair without spending a reasonable amount. Some cheaper chairs might still be made with low quality materials or made without proper standards, which can result in a chair that is prone to breaking over time. A note to make is that you cannot find a quality chair that will last without spending some money.

Material-The majority of gaming chairs are made of leather and not breathable, making them a bad choice for a room setting. It’s also important to remember that if you sweat on a gaming chair, you’ll leave a funky smell on the chair. Leather can also change its colour over time if it isn’t maintained properly.

Habit- The problem with gaming chairs is that they are so comfortable that once you get used to them you would not be able to work efficiently on normal chairs , they will always feel uncomfortable and hard. This creates a problem because a gaming chair cannot be carried everywhere and those who are employed may face problems with chairs at work or even dining at table would feel uncomfortable to them which is why many gamers do all the activities on their chair only from sleeping to eating which is not good for the body.

Buying process – Today, the gaming chair has become an indispensable piece of furniture. This doesn’t mean that you have to settle for the chair that is available in the market. You need to consider a number of factors before choosing a chair. These include its durability, padding, adjustability, price, and customizability which makes the buying process overwhelming and confusing and if you end up buying the wrong one, it affects gaming experience, health and is usability 

Types of gaming chair

PC gaming chairs -PC gaming chairs are exactly what most people think of when they hear the word “gaming chair.” They give you the ability to put your computer at your desk, which makes them a good choice for those who play almost all their games on their PC or want a chair that doubles up as an office chair for a workstation. They are often equipped with a seat, pedal and backrest. They come in different sizes, so you can find one that suits your needs best. The pedals allow for easy movement, the backrest keeps you comfortable as you use a computer, and the seat allows you to sit at an angle while typing. Many of them also come with wrist rests and an armrest. They are often confused with racing chairs.

Console gaming chairs – Console gaming chairs are designed specifically for console gamers. They offer many more features than PC gaming chairs, and they’re also better-designed and more versatile. The most popular type of this gaming chair is the classic ‘Rocker’, it doesn’t have a pedestal or wheels for movement. Rather, it features a L-shaped seat that sits directly on the floor. They work well for console gaming because they support the positioning and sitting stance preferred by many gamers who prefer to play with a controller. They’re not normally used at a desk chair, nor are they meant to be, but their comfortable and ergonomic design is perfect for console gaming. They also allow you to connect with other devices, such as wireless speakers for surround sound and additional USB ports for charging smartphones and tablets

Racing chairs – These are advanced and expensive chairs that usually come attached to a frame or system. Racing simulator chairs are designed for gamers to experience realistic and immersive racing. They are designed to place you inside a game where you can feel like you are sitting in your very own race car. These chairs can cost upto thousands of dollars and are not suitable for other games.

Bean Bags – They are not official type of chairs but gamers usually prefer them for less intense gaming because of the cozy feel they offer. Though they aren’t particularly ergonomic and don’t provide much support, these chairs are often the best choice for gamers because they provide plenty of room, versatility, and affordability. Another reason many gamers choose them is their price tag.

Factors to look for when buying a gaming chair 

Ergonomics – One of the first reasons gamers want to buy a gaming chair is this. Ergonomics refers to the design process that considers how a product is created and how it’s used by the end-user. An ergonomic gaming chair is designed with the gamer in mind to improve the efficiency of the experience. An ergonomic chair will adds comfort and support to gaming. It supports the user, reduces back pain, improves reaction times, and helps to maintain proper posture for maximum performance. So ergonomic features one should look at in a chair are 

  • Adjustability – facility in adjusting height, angles, and armrests 
  • Lumbar Support – Whether chair provides support to your spine or not 
  • Tilt locks – a chair with an ergonomic design should have tilt mechanisms

Build Quality -No one wants a chair that breaks down after a few months or starts malfunctioning after usage and gets worn out which is why build quality matters and is an important factor while buying a gaming chair. Generally, an expensive chair would mean a better build quality but when comparing chairs among the same price range build quality can be checked with frames of the chair – steel frames indicate a good build. Also, check the base, narrow bases indicate weak core strength so go for wider ones and the last feature you should look at is the material of padding.

Leather – Most chairs will be covered with PU leather which is good and reliable but you should look for breathable fabric /mesh because it will make you sweat less, improve comfort and eliminate smelly odours 

Armrests – Armrests play a very important role in desk gaming or PC gaming and most gaming chairs come with armrests except for console ones. You should look for armrests that are adjustable in a chair When buying. You will need to adjust the armrest to remove pressure off your shoulder and get your elbow at a right angle when this happens it improves your hand coordination eventually improving your skills in-game.

Weight capacity – New buyers often overlook this factor while buying a gaming chair which leads to a bad shopping experience. Weight limit plays a vital role because if you weigh 240 lbs and get a chair with a capacity of 250 lbs it would surely affect its performance and create noises. A good gaming chair comes with 300 lbs capacity which is ideal for most users but you should always check this specification before buying a new chair

1. Polar Aurora, Racing Style High-Back PU Leather chair with ergonomic design and Lumbar support  

Polar Aurora is an ergonomically designed, very high quality, reclined gaming chair that boasts numerous features that have been specifically created with gamers in mind. It has a breathable mesh side panel to prevent heat build-up along with a backrest and lumbar cushioning system that includes patented Easy Slide track technology and memory foam. The adjustable armrests with patented Sure Shot handles come with integrated cup holders to help you enjoy your favourite drink while you play. Polar Aurora also includes a built-in headrest pillow to keep your head supported at all times for maximum comfort. Hair features a track-inspired design that’ll make you want to climb in right out of the box.


Adjustable – It can easily adjust to a gamer’s needs whether he wants to take a nap, watch a movie or play games. It has passed the 1000 mile rolling test and wheels make no noise while moving, also wheels are so smooth that with 300 pounds weight on it will move freely over any surface.

High Quality – This product comes with the best gas cylinder on the market, plus a solid metal frame. It is well cushioned with PU leather and its design can handle all violent gaming movements.

Easy assemble – It comes with a very easy to follow guide for installation and also installation video available with which you can easily assemble it in minutes.

Rich gaming experience – Loaded with backrest, pillow and headrest which relieves back pain and supports body posture, it is the perfect chair for a good gaming experience.

Comfortable – with enough padding and premium leather it provides superior comfort to a user and even after long sessions of gaming, body does not feel tired 


  • Easy to assemble 
  • Adjusts as per user’s needs 
  • Durable because of high quality build 
  • Designed perfectly for gaming 


  • Chemical Smell from chair when newly bought 
  • Health issues from toxic smell 
  • Not good for large people, 250+ weight starts affecting its features 

2. VON Racer Gaming Chair with Massager, Footrest Black, Ergonomic, Reclining Headrest & Lumbar Support.

With the Von racer gaming chair you will get all the comfort you could ever need. Built with  artificial leather and steel frame. The footrest can help to relieve the pressure on your legs and thighs. Moreover, the chair’s adjustable lumbar support can help to reduce back pain. The chair is equipped with massage system. It helps you relax more after long hours of gaming, watching movies or working. Equipped with adjustable arms that allow you to place a tray/a keyboard/a cup holder on it, the Von racer gaming chair is comfortable enough for anyone.


Electric massager – it has a built in USB massager in lumbar cushion which helps you relax and fatigue after long gameplay

Adjustability – it has great height adjustability as well as relining up to 135 degrees.

Comfortable – with padded headrest, lumbar support and a footrest it gives the best comfort of all chairs, once you sit in you won’t be able to get up.

Durable – with excellent steel frame and 5 -star base It lasts longer than other chairs 

Smooth rolling – 360-degree swivel and quality caster allows free and smooth movement across all surfaces without any scratches 


  • It has huge dimension and suitable for all large adults 
  • Superior comfort 
  • Massager add value 


  • Backrest limited to 135 degree

3. Devoko Ergonomic Racing Style Gaming chair with Adjustable Height , Headrest and Lumbar Support (Red)

With ergonomic lumbar support and a built-in headrest, devoko gaming chair will make your sore back feel relaxed. The adjustable height allows you to change the position of this gaming chair for your comfort level. This ergonomic chair will adjust to fit the natural curve of your spine, as well as relieve back pain and fatigue, neck pain and stiffness. With breathable polyester leather and an easy tilt lock, this executive gaming chair is made for long hours of playing or work.


Mute wheels – with 360-degree swivel rotation and quilt wheels it allows free movement without any scratches on surfaces 

Lock tilt – its easy lock tilt feature allows one to sit in any desired position without having to adjust and prevents feeling of tiredness during long hours of gaming.

Premium leather – This high-quality fabric ensures comfort during your long hours of video gaming and is soft, durable, smooth giving you a nice cozy feeling while sitting on this chair.

Easy to assemble – With installation guide and all tools it is very easy to put together 


  • Good cushioning and comfort 
  • Adjusts to every angle with lock tilt 
  • Heavy duty with superior build 


  • Not durable 
  • Creaking sounds 
  • Limited control in armrests 

4. GTRanger Racing Style gaming chair with headrest and lumbar support 

Built from a mix of fibre, eco leather and metal mesh, the Granger gaming chair is designed ergonomically to conform to your body. Whether you are gaming, working or just relaxing on this chair, the quality and style will give your room a unique gaming feel. It also comes with a pillow at the headrest for extra relaxation after a long day. This is made with superior PU microfiber cover, making it classy looking and reliable for every gamer.


Good adjustment function – It allows you tilt the backrest between 90-155 degrees and armrest can also be moved up or down as per your needs 

Carbon fibre – It is made from PU leather with carbon fibre finish and breathable fabric providing superior feel 

Occasion – It is not a typical gaming chair rather it is multi use one which will fit anywhere whether it be gaming, conference, office or living room and kids to adults anyone can adjust it to their needs 

Omni directional wheels – It helps very easy movement anywhere in your house without noise and scratches 


  • Good carbon fibre finish 
  • Stylish and looks good on any occasion/Place 
  • 1-year warranty 


  • Creaking noise after using for Some time


ESS Collection Gaming Chair is built for the ultimate gaming experience, and designed to fit the way you play. This high back chair has a sturdy, ergonomic design, and luxury cushioning that cradles your back. It’s fully adjustable to support your weight as you play for hours at a time. Play longer in comfort and style with luxurious premium leather.


Superior comfort – this chair has contoured segmented padding with padded headrest and arms all of them with premium leather and breathable mesh cover that keeps you cool providing a super comfortable experience.

Centre Tilt control – it has good adjustability which comes with centre tilt, flip up arms , height adjustment and 360 degrees of swivel 

Tension control – It has excellent recline control which relieves pressure from back and spine giving you non tiring experience 

Dynamic design – With unique olor and padding it suits anywhere in your house from living room to hall.


  • Swift movement of base and armrest 
  • Segmented padding 
  • Stylish colour options 


  • Not good for sessions longer than 8 hours 
  • Built is not uniform 

6. Shuanghu Gaming Chair with Ergonomic Design, Reclining, Headrest and Lumbar Support (Black+red)

The Shuanghu Gaming Chair was built with the gaming community in mind, and comes equipped with a thick, plushily padded design that delivers effortless comfort for hours on end. This versatile chair has lumbar support, an adjustable headrest, and is sturdy enough to support even the rowdiest of friends. A high-quality construction means that it will stand up to years of use, and its slim profile makes it ideal for setting alongside desks of all sizes.


Adjustability – It has 90 to 150 degree reclining and good height positioning which helps you adjust it for any task 

Anti-fatigue– with excellent lumbar support, cushioned armrest and ergonomic design it relieves physical stress and doesn’t leave your tired after long hours of gaming 

Quality build – it has high quality leather with which fade resistant, excellent frame with explosion proof chassis and 5-star base which can easily handle 300 lbs of weight.

Durable – With 5-star nylon base, It can easily handle violent movements of game and is not prone to wear and tear.


  • Good for posture 
  • Very easy to put together 
  • Good weight limit 


  • Not stable sometimes chair falls backward 
  • Not very smooth movement on wheels 

Link to buy –

7. BestOffice Gaming Chair with Ergonomic design , Lumbar Support, Flip Up Arms Headrest and Premium PU Leather ( Black and White)

This gaming chair helps you stay cool under pressure. Ergonomic design lets you sit comfortably for hours. Made from breathable fabric with high performance padding, the chair follows the natural shape of your body and supports your back. An adjustable lumbar support moves with your spine to help reduce back pain and improve blood circulation. Nylon casters roll easily over almost any surface and provide a quiet and smooth ride. The headrest and heated cushion keep your neck and bottom comfortable, so you can play for hours.


Multiple use – This chair can be used anywhere from your office to gaming, it has good mobility for all tasks and is not as bulky as other ones in the market. It’s size and height are perfect for office use as well as gaming use

Good finish – With heavy duty base, flip ups arm support and lock height adjustment it has beautiful finish 

Easy to Assemble – It comes packed with all necessary tools and takes just 15 minutes to assemble 

Adjustable headrest – it comes with big pillows that are soft and comfortable which can also be adjusted 


  • Easy to assemble 
  • Comes with 90-day warranty 
  • Value for money 


  • Low weight limit
  • Bad smell from chair 
  • Does not last long 

Link to Buy – 

8. Homall gaming chair with Swivel Ergonomic, Headrest, PU Leather Adjustable Seat(Black)

The Homall gaming chair features a unique design by using all black colour scheme. The chair is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable sitting posture without compromising comfort even after long hours of use. The chair can support up to 300 pounds and has 5-star nylon base glides that enhance the stability of the chair when on the carpet.


Unique design – it comes in all black Pu leather with carbon style which is waterproof and a 5-star string base with steel frame 

Certified – it is certified by SGS, UF, BIFMA for all type of ues from office to gaming 

Adjustable support – With free moving headrest that supports you neck and prevents discomfort in cervical spine, 90-170 degree reclining which is suitable for gaming  to sleeping and Lumbar support that helps during long sessions of gaming 

Multi directional wheels – With smooth rolling rubber caster providing 360 degree swivel and swift movement without any scratches 


  • It is multi-function and suitable for all needs 
  • Elegant and stylish 
  • Value for money 


  • Only black colour available under 100 dollars 
  • Not durable and components start malfunctioning with time 

Link to buy – 

9. Furmax High-Back Gaming Office Chair – Black

This chair offers complete comfort in a frameless seat back for less pressure on the spine and neck. Being tubular steel framed it supports up to 300 pounds of weight. Its top-of-the-line patented electronics provide anti-fatigue and lumbar support while the 360-degree swivel gets you around to get that high-quality shot, chase down that head shot or fight off this new challenger who has entered your room from behind.


5 Star nylon base – which keeps chair stable during valiant and intense gaming moments 

Tubular frame – Made With tubular steel frame, faux leather and plastic it very much durable and long lasting 

Ideal seating – with carbon fibre leather, high density sponges and ample padding it is perfect for comfortable seating.

180-degree movement – backrest has excellent flexibility of 90 -180-degree movement 


  • Perfect chair in its price range 
  • Good weight limit 
  • Easy to assemble 


  • Only black colour available at low price 
  • Casters are delicate

Link to Buy – 

10. Yaheetech Ergonomic Racing Style gaming chair with Recliner, Headrest & Lumbar Support 

Add another level of comfort to your PC gaming experience with this black-coloured gaming chair from Yaheetech. This ergonomically designed chair with a nylon base has got adjustable backrest and seat height for better comfort. The 3D-contoured and adjustable armrests provide maximum support. It offers a brand-new experience in comfort with its soft texture, stylish design and durable fabric upholstery. It is lightweight yet extremely strong. It’s easy to assemble too.


Soft Texture – With foam padding and faux leather cover this chair has very clean, soft and smooth texture which adds comfort to our experience 

Lock – tilt – it comes with an easy lock tilt and adjustable recline angle that relieves tension from your back and doesn’t make you feel tired in long sessions 

Nylon wheels – Provides durability and smooth 360-degree action.

Adjustable backrest and tilt tension – it comes with 90-180-degree flexibility in backrest which is too good for chair in this price range


  • Easy to clean surface
  • Durable 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Value for money 


  • Recline control not good 
  • Irregular adjustment mechanisms 

Link to Buy – 

11. Furious Computer Game Chair

Looking for an affordable gaming chair or computer chair that is comfortable and durable? We found and fell in love with this High-end PC gaming chair from Furious. Not only does it look awesome, but the lounging style seat offers a comfortable fit even while playing long sessions.


Multi-Functional – Whether it be home, learning, office or gaming this chair can be used everywhere 

Good seat – Wide and large seat with breathable fabric and high-density sponge cushion gives food comfort 

Easy to install – It comes with limited good features thus very easy to assemble them 

Quality Build – Its simple structure has good core strength which excellent frame body and will last for a good time before falling apart


  • Good features with low cost 
  • Comfortable for all tasks
  • Good quality 


  • No armrest, headrest or flip ups
  • Restricted backrest movement 
  • Not suitable for long sessions of gaming 

Link to Buy 

12. BestOffice PC Gaming Chair (Black)

Bestoffice again falls in the list because the company has a wide portfolio of chairs available and most of them are top notch. Every best office chair is meticulously crafted using artificial leather & high-quality mesh. With fine cushioning and unique ergonomic design, this ultra-modern chair offers you the ultimate in relaxation. For its budget-friendly price, it does not compromise on style or features. If you are looking for a comfortable & affordable gaming chair, this is the best pick


Locking mechanism – being slightly wonder than a normal desk chair and good locking mechanism keeps back straight and prevents fatigue when sitting for long hours 

Classic build – It is not a traditional gaming chair with big armrests and flip ups but a simple yet elegant chair with ergonomic build which provided mobility for task like gaming, office use or watching a movie 

Easy to assemble – It has one of the easiest installation process and task in hassle free 

Versatile – From attending your class to playing games this chair is suitable for all your needs and provides good comfort in all activities 


  • Budget friendly yet has all necessary features
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Elegant and simple 


  • No lumbar support 
  • Too much creaking sound.

Link to Buy – 

13. KaiMeng High Back, Ergonomic, Height Adjustable Racing Game Desk Executive Conference Task Chair (red)

The Kaimeng gaming chair is an affordable way to get a good gaming chair. it’s very simple, no crazy stuff, and decent value. It’s made of a steel structure and leather cover. This is an affordable gaming chair with great value.


Simple yet useful – It has an ergonomic design and is made with PU leather suitable for gaming as well as office.

Durable – with solid structure and SGS BIFMA gas lift it is a strong and reliable chair 

Smooth movement – with a 5-star base and 360-degree swivel it runs perfectly on all surfaces.

Easy to assemble – As it has a very simple non bulky structure, it is very easy to install and assemble. It only takes 10 minutes make this chair functional 


  • Easy to assemble 
  • Durable and lasts long 
  • Affordable


  • No lumbar support for long hours of gaming 
  • Reclining is not good for relaxing 

Link to Buy –


This guide has everything you will need before making a decision on which gaming chair to buy. From advantages to factors you should consider before buying a gaming chair. All the listed chairs are perfect in their own sense, you need to pick out the best one as per your needs looking at their features and price. You can easily decide which chair will suit you by understanding the science behind these chairs. If you can’t make any choice, we are posting down our primary two thoughts under. These are the best picks which generally fits everyone’s need and you would definitely not regret buying them