Do you feel irritated or annoyed by the rising pollution and pollutants? Are you sick of inhaling dust particles whenever you breathe? Now you could easily relax and inhale fresh air pollutant-free at your home by just buying a vacuum cleaner.

What are vacuum cleaners?

It is an electrical machine that uses suction to collect dust and small particles from floors and other surfaces like carpets, mats, sofa covers, etc. you must be wondering how a vacuum cleaner works. Here’s an explanation to it: 

The suction motor creates vacuum pressure and suction by rotating a motor fan. The impeller rotates at an incredibly high speed of about 30,000 to 35,000 RPM. A suction motor’s power is measured by multiplying the rate of airflow and the vacuum pressure, which induces airflow from the brush through the hose.

For people suffering from allergies, it has often been recommended to vacuum regularly. It can improve allergy symptoms by getting rid of allergy triggers like tiny dust particles that tend to enter our nose and cause irritation which could also lead to the sinus. Vacuuming is a better alternative than sweeping as sweeping tends to wet up the dust which can, in turn, cause various infections and allergies. Therefore, vacuuming your room is the best way to clean your house and minimize the danger of allergies.

Features of Vacuum Cleaner-

If you want to choose a good vacuum cleaner you should first know about some important features of a vacuum cleaner that makes it a good purchase:

  • On /off switch for brush roll: This is probably the best component. While a brush roll is incredible when you are vacuuming a rug, it can harm hard surface floors and a few mats. Having the alternative to turn off the brush roll is an extraordinary choice that expands the convenience of the vacuum cleaner. For the most part, there will be a catch or switch that can be utilized to turn the brush roll on or off. Increasingly more upstanding vacuum cleaners are starting to have this choice, albeit a portion of the lower-evaluated vacuum cleaners may not.
  • Electric Hose: This is an element that can be significant for canister vacuum cleaners. Connections for canister vacuums can be air fuelled or electric controlled. Electrically controlled connections are all the more impressive at cleaning, yet for them to work, the actual hose should be electric to give the capacity to the electric connections. For all the more impressive cleaning and pull, search for an electric hose and electric connections.
  • Crevice Tool: The cleft apparatus is regularly tightened to a thin end that is intended to have the option to venture into little territories for vacuuming. This apparatus is ideal for vacuuming inside upholstered furniture, in corners, under enormous household items, and along any edges. This is additionally an extraordinary instrument to utilize when cleaning inside a vehicle.
  • Variable power :The degree of attractions relying upon the sort of surface being vacuumed. For sensitive surfaces like carpets, a lower level of force and pull would be utilized. Having the option to tweak the force setting is a pleasant element, particularly on the off chance that you have worries about more sensitive territories of your home that should be vacuumed.

Advantages of vacuum –

●  Vacuum Cleaner Saves Time and Energy: Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner isn’t just cleanliness yet also safer than cleaning physically utilizing a brush. Vacuum cleaners are skilled to clean inside several minutes though physically cleaning takes roughly hours. With a vacuum cleaner, you can accomplish the motivation behind careful cleaning inside the briefest time conceivable. They are quick and simple to utilize. Also, you just need less exertion and energy to deal with a vacuum cleaner.

●  Simple to utilize: Use of vacuum cleaners is very simple. Simply plug into power attachment and let proceed onward to the floor, anyplace you need to clean.

●  Eliminates allergen from breathing air: The vacuum cleaner is furnished with HEPA or another kind of channel that blocks, eliminates airborne infection-causing germs, microorganisms, and infections present in your home.

●  Eliminates pet hair: Vacuum cleaners are master in eliminating pet hair which is stuck in heaps of floor covering. Because of high attractions, power vacuum cleaners eliminate pet hair with just awful scents from cover.

●  Vacuum cleaner accompanies progressed highlights: Vacuum cleaners these days have an arrangement of modern highlights that you can’t visualize. At the point when you have a vacuum cleaner with complex highlights, cleaning will be simple for you. Moreover, with vacuum cleaners with cutting-edge highlights, you will consistently get the advantage of having programmed surface uncovering sensors to learn and work viably.

●  The vacuum cleaner is an easy instrument: Because of the way that vacuum cleaner is an easy instrument; you will consistently get progression towards any term. Consequently, you can generally get the benefit of saving time and energy by spending less. The normal expense of vacuum cleaner changes relying upon the size and the sort you need for your cleaning. You can get a great vacuum cleaner in the range of rupees 5,000 to 10,000 rupees in India. Aha Forbes, Euro Clean, Karcher, Dark and Decker, and Bissell are moving, notable vacuum cleaner fabricates in India.

●  Observe the amount of earth and set settings: You will get the advantage of setting up the accessible choices mechanically, on the off chance that you purchase the automated vacuum cleaner. Also, the vacuum cleaner will get mindful of the measure of soil and work as needs be. Therefore, you are not expected to work the machine truly to do the cleaning of your home for you.

●  Clean your home in any event, when you are away: The mechanical vacuum cleaners will clean your home, in any event, when you are not at home. On account of their high-level highlights that can make them work mechanically.

Disadvantages of vacuum cleaner-

●  Weighty to lift- Vacuum clean machines that are frequently difficult to move around the home. Also, in the event of an upstanding vacuum cleaner it is practically difficult to go all over the steps. The vacuum cleaner was produced in a genuinely enormous size, albeit not substantial. Moving and putting away this gadget will require a major spot.

●  Running power bill- Contingent upon the vacuum cleaner model uses hundreds to thousands of watts of power. Totally, on the off chance that you are utilizing a vacuum cleaner, your power charge begins running.

●  No Reusable dustbin packs- You need to purchase reusable dustbin sacks when you need to clean your home or different spots since some vacuum cleaners don’t offer them.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners-

There are many types of vacuum cleaners, some of them are:

  • Upright: These vacuums are extremely normal and simple to discover at a nearby store. They offer incredible pull just as the capacity to shift when you push them with the goal that you can undoubtedly control the course and speed of the vacuum. At the point when you need a quality vacuum that will work hard on most any floor however particularly covers, you need to purchase an upstanding vacuum.

They come in both bagless and stowed alternatives and frequently conform to various statues of floor coverings. This permits you to move between various rooms with no issues or pausing and turn off the vacuum to make changes. While you can now and again discover cordless upstanding vacuums, these won’t be just about as incredible as ones that plug into the divider and will not have the option to keep going for some time before they should be charged.

Shockingly, these vacuum cleaners don’t as a rule have the entirety of the      connections that accompany different sorts of vacuums and this can restrict your capacity to get into tight little hiding spots in your home. They do offer extraordinary attractions yet are altogether heavier than different kinds of vacuums and can be hard for certain individuals to utilize.

  • Handheld: Handheld vacuums are little, yet incredible, vacuums that are intended to be gotten and conveyed to where the wreck is found. They are by and large cordless with the goal that you can convey them anyplace. For more force, you can select a model with a rope, albeit this will restrict how far you can convey the vacuum without changing the attachment.

They are ideal for rapidly vacuuming up little wrecks or heaps of soil and can be utilized on furnishings, the floor, and even upholstery. Numerous individuals love utilizing them to assist clean with excursion their vehicles and when you purchase a model with a vehicle connector, you can undoubtedly keep your vehicle as perfect as could be expected. 

It’s imperative to recall that handheld vacuums are an extraordinary method to supplant your brush and dustpan and don’t have the force or size to manage routinely tidying up huge rooms. They are ideal to have notwithstanding a full-size vacuum and will keep you from pulling out the bigger vacuum when you need to manage little wrecks.

  • Canister: These vacuum cleaners comprise a capacity tank associated with a sucker end by a long hose. They accompany various connections that can without much of a stretch be traded out so you can modify your cleaning routine and reach even close regions. They are incredible on most surfaces as long as you set aside the effort to change out the connection to be the correct one for the work.

From hardwood and floor covering to window hangings, dividers, and in any event, roof corners, you can extend this vacuum to reach and clean all territories of your home. As a result of their long hoses, they are extraordinary for cleaning the steps and can go after far before you need to move the canister. The drawback of these vacuum cleaners is that they can be hard to store and difficult to oversee when you need to move them around bigger rooms. Since the canister is so substantial, it’s not unexpected to need to go through two hands while dropping it and down the steps.

  • Stick- Stick vacuum cleaners are staggeringly lightweight and extremely thin, making them ideal for any individual who isn’t sufficiently able to deal with an upstanding or a canister vacuum. They depend on a pivoting brush just as light attractions to pull and whisk residue and flotsam and jetsam into the sack or canister. They have low-profile heads that can be handily moved around furniture, settling on them an incredible decision if you have a ton of furniture in your rooms yet at the same time should have the option to clean. They are incredible for managing little wrecks and light residue and are ideal for cleaning under the table after supper or for use in a house that stays commonly exceptionally perfect.

Lamentably, although they are staggeringly simple to utilize and can work around furniture with no issues, their pull isn’t sufficiently able to deal with huge wrecks. They will not at any point offer the truly profound clean that your rug may need and battery life on cordless stick vacuums will in general be moderately short. This implies that you need to arrange for when you will vacuum and will be unable to do your entire house immediately on the off chance that it is enormous, There is one more sort of vacuum which is notable among pet proprietors. Individuals like to think about it as a pet vacuum. As per PetHairGuard, These vacuums are not distinctive by the look and feel but rather they’ve diverse reasons and methods of working.

  • Backpack: At the point when you are on the lookout for a vacuum cleaner that is extraordinarily incredible and simple to move to start with one area in your home then onto the next, at that point you might need to consider a knapsack vacuum. These save a ton of time, making them ideal if you have an especially enormous home that you need to vacuum consistently.

Since you don’t need to manage to haul a vacuum behind you or push it in front of you, you can deal with the home rapidly. Since most of the heaviness of the vacuum is on your back, you can without much of a stretch explore the steps in your home and can even clutch the balustrade for additional security while going all over the steps. 

They work effectively cleaning hardwood floors, even though they are not exceptionally valuable on the rich rug. Tragically, knapsack vacuums can make you get truly hot since you are hauling around the hardware on your back and can worsen back issues if you have any; you will need to maintain a strategic distance from this kind of vacuum on the off chance that you are inclined to back issues.

  • Central : A focal vacuum framework permits mortgage holders to connect a hose into a power source the divider, in this manner getting to extremely solid attractions that will permit them to clean everywhere on the home, pulling just the hose alongside them. They have an incredible unit, generally situated in the cellar or the carport, that gives the required pull to vacuum.

These power sources are situated along the lower part of the divider all through the home so you don’t need to stress over either pulling a rope with you or where you will connect your vacuum. Any soil that you vacuum up is put away into an enormous compartment that should be discharged consistently yet not after each cleaning.

  • Wet/dry: Wet/dry vacuum cleaners aren’t by and large utilized in the home to clean the floor yet are best utilized for significant spills or earth. They have unbelievably incredible pull and a long string that permits them to be wheeled around to different positions.

These vacuum cleaners are extraordinary to have close by for tidying up wrecks in the carport or storm cellar and can undoubtedly deal with wiping out the water from an overflowed storm cellar just as vacuuming up sawdust from a carpentry project. Putting away these vacuum cleaners can be somewhat troublesome since they will in general be huge and cumbersome yet it is their expanded limit that makes them so ideal for handling occupations, all things considered.

Factors to keep in mind before buying a vacuum cleaner-

No matter how stringent our measures are to protect ourselves from dust and dirt, our desire of having a utopian dust-free life can never be achieved because the dirt and dust have a knack for coming back. By getting rid of harmful dust and pollutants, vacuum cleaners help you to keep your house and office clean. However, there are some factors which you should keep in your mind before buying a vacuum cleaner.

●  Purpose– You should always keep in mind the question of what you are going to use this vacuum cleaner for, for example, w, whether you will use it for cleaning your house or your car, or your office because different vacuum cleaners are designed for different and specific functions.

●  Wet or dry vacuum cleaners- before buying a vacuum cleaner you should always make sure that whether you want a wet vacuum cleaner or a dry vacuum cleaner. A wet vacuum cleaner is used for cleaning liquid because it comes with a can which traps liquid and dry vacuum cleaners cannot be used for liquids because it is devoid of that can.

●  Price– You should always keep in mind the factor of the price before buying a vacuum cleaner. Do not think that if you are going to buy a higher-priced vacuum cleaner it will be the best one for you because a vacuum cleaner is purpose-built so different vacuum cleaners give different functions and a higher-priced vacuum cleaner does not mean that it will suit your requirement.

●  Bag or bagless- Some people do not like a vacuum with bags because it makes it difficult for them to empty the dust from the bag. A bagless vacuum cleaner has an advantage over a vacuum cleaner with a bag because you do not need to worry about replacing the bag.

●  Shape- You need to keep the factor of Shape in your mind before buying a vacuum cleaner because some vacuum cleaners are fit for reaching hard reached areas and some are best for carpeted areas so you need to know which vacuum cleaner will suit your purpose and then make your choice.

You can consider the important features and compare all the vacuum cleaners and buy the correct option for you within your budget. If you are new to buying a vacuum cleaner and have no idea about how to buy them then you can check our complete guide for this purpose.

We hope that this guide helped you in clearing your doubts regarding the vacuum cleaners. Here are our top 13 vacuum cleaners in 2021:

1. BISSELL Cleanview Rewind Pet Deluxe Upright Vacuum Cleaner, 24899, Green

It is a powerful and weightless machine that allows an increased pickup of petals and Debris in several ways. First, it has a triple action brush roll feature which helps to remove the pet heads and other dust particles across the home then it has combined free technology which makes cleaning hard surfaces very easy. With this vacuum cleaner, you can also clean edge-to-edge dirt from areas that were very difficult to access. It is provided with an automatic electric cord which helps it to wrap itself immediately after the cleaning is done.


  • This feature helps you remove dust particles and pet hair very efficiently.
  • This feature helps you to clean hard surfaces very easily and quickly.
  • This feature helps you to clean pet hairs and dirt from edge to edge where your hands cannot reach.
  • This feature helps you to keep the dirt locked inside the suction without affecting the efficiency of the suction.
  • This feature of this vacuum cleaner helps you to maintain and keep this vacuum cleaner clean for a very long time.


  • This machine is very easy to use and you can very easily assemble this.
  • It has great suction power.
  • It is very easy to clean and maintain. It comes in very lightweight and maneuverable.


  • It does not come with an on/off brush roller switch option.

2. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, APOSEN 18KPA Strong Suction Stick Vacuum, Ultra Lightweight Design, 4 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner for Home Hard Floor, Car, Pet Cleaning H10S

It will help you to give a very powerful and efficient cleaning experience and it comes with a powerful suction force of 18kpa. This product uses a nonelectric floor brush which not only helps to make a very effective cleaning but also has to keep the floor safe from any kind of scratches. This feature comes in very lightweight with a 2 in 1 flexible brush which has a 270-degree rotation feature. It comes in a purple light shade with a removable battery facility.


  • This vacuum cleaner comes with super suction power. It will give you a suction force of 18kpa.
  • This product comes in a very lightweight of 2.45lbs which you can handle from one hand even.
  • This product comes with a two in one square brush technology.
  • This product comes with a 200mAh removable battery facility which will help you to charge it only for 2.5 hours and you can get to know about the remaining battery life and power from its LED light indicator.
  • It comes in an elegant appearance of purple color which helps you to add color to your house and makes it more personalized.


  • It has a long-lasting work time.
  • It comes with an LED light indicator to show the battery life and power.
  • It comes with washable filters.


  • It doesn’t have an on and off brush control feature.

3. Dyson V7 Allergy HEPA Cord-Free Stick Vacuum Cleaner, White

This product is the lite version of Dyson V8 because the motor of Dyson V7 is less powerful in comparison to V8 and a li-on battery of small capacity and power but without any substantial changes in the airflow. At the maximum setting, V7 has strong airflow at the nozzle. This feature helps this vacuum cleaner to perform in a very good manner by cleaning dirt from carpet and floor surfaces.


  • This vacuum cleaner provides you a direct-drive cleaner head.
  • The vacuum cleaners come with washable filters which can be used for a lifetime and helps you give very efficient work.
  • It needs a charge time of 3.5 hours to get charged completely and gives you a 34 minutes run time.
  • It has a bin volume of 0.15 gallons with a high suction force of 100AW.


  • It comes in very lightweight.
  • It is best suited for cleaning hard floors.
  • It has high maneuverability.
  • It is less expensive in comparison to V8
  • It is best for small and medium homes.


  • It has a small dirt bin capacity.
  • In comparison to V8, it has a short run time.
  • At the highest setting,it produces a high-pitched sound.

4. Eureka PowerSpeed Lightweight Powerful Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner, for Carpet and Hard Floor, Suction with Upgraded Cyclone, New Model

This product is packed full of features to give you a clean surface and an easy-to-use product. XL dust cup, washable filters, accessories, and wide nozzle are the features this product is packed with. It comes in a very lightweight and high suction power to help you with the cleaning process in a very easy manner. It is best suited for rigs, hardwood, carpets, furniture, etc and with this product, you can easily clean your house from floor to ceiling with ease.


  • This product comes with 5 different kinds of height adjustment settings. You just need to turn the dial from high to low or low to medium pile carpet, hard floors, etc.
  • This product comes with a very high suction force which makes it very easy for you to pick up both small and large debris.
  • This product comes in very lightweight which makes it easier for you to handle it for easily cleaning the surfaces. You also get an easy empty dust cap which allows you to easily empty it from dust.
  • It requires zero maintenance cost and it helps you to clean surfaces quickly in very little time.


  • It is very easy to assemble so it can be easily used.
  • It comes in very lightweight and provides a high suction force.
  • It is best suited for cleaning up hair and stairs.


  • It doesn’t come with an LED light.

5. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Honiture 26Kpa 380W Powerful Stick Vacuum, Rechargeable Battery, 30Mins Runtime Handheld Vacuum, Lightweight Foldable Tube Stick Vacuum for Hard Floor/Carpet/Car/Bed/Pet Hair

A 180-degree foldable tube is used by Horniture to help you clean the base of any furniture in a very easy and deep manner without you even need to bend or squash it. The elderly can also use this vacuum cleaner easily due to its cordless structure. It comes with a very high cleaning efficiency and storage cleaning support which will make cleaning for you very easy. This product has a long operating time and a Walmart storage facility to aid you in a smart cleaning process.


  • This product will give you a very high cleaning efficiency in very little time. It has a high-power brushless motor of 380 watts with a great suction power of 26Kpa. It also comes with a cyclone filtration system and a battery capacity of 2600mAh.
  • This product comes with a high-speed rotating brush roller which will allow you to clean hardwood surfaces in a very easy and efficient manner.
  • This product comes with a very easy to clean and easy to separate function which allows you to clean the filters in a very easy manner.
  • The lithium batteries give you a very long operating time of 30 minutes and come with 2 charging ways. It comes with a fast master clean feature which will provide you with an LED light feature.


  • It comes in very lightweight which makes it very easy to use.
  • It gives you a very high suction power and a long battery life.


  • None.

6. MOOSOO Vacuum Cleaner, 4 in 1 Stick Vacuum 17000pa Powerful Suction, with LED Electric Brush Large-Capacity Dust Cup for Hardwood Floor Vacuum with 2Pcs HEPA D601

If you want a vacuum cleaner with a  long vacuum battery, high suction power, and easy cleaning is very little time then you must opt for this product. A cored bagless vacuum cleaner is designed by this brand to help you with y cleaning of your house. This product will provide you with a 23ft of power cord and a LED floor brush of full size. It comes in a very lightweight and swivels feature to clean the stairs. 


  • It will give you a wall mount storage to help you in saving space at your house.
  • This vacuum cleaner is an LED vacuum cleaner that will give you a full-sized LED floor brush so that you can easily pick up the dirt particles which cannot be seen or touched from naked hands in the dark.
  • This product has switch facilities by which you can easily click on it and dump the dust particles easily from the filters.
  • This comes with a powerful motor of 500 watts and a high suction capacity of 17kpa which will help you to pick up dust particles in a very easy and efficient manner.
  • This product comes with a washable filtration system which helps you to lock the dust particles up to 99%. You must clean the filters once a week and then you need to reinstall them in the vacuum cleaner.


  • This vacuum cleaner is best suited for cleaning hard floors, stairs, rs, and hairs.
  • It comes in very lightweight with great suction power and high maneuverability.


  • If the filter is not removed after every 2-3 months the vacuum cleaner starts lagging.

7. Kenmore Intuition BU4020 Bagged Upright Vacuum Pet-Friendly Lift-Up Carpet Vacuum Cleaner 2-Motor Power Suction with HEPA Filter, Pet Handi-Mate, 3-in-1 Combination Tool for Carpet, Floor, Pet Hair

This product lifts to provide an upright and versatile floor and stair cleaning. It does not come with a bag touch technology. It is very lightweight which is just 14 pounds in weight. It provides you with a high suction force. The vacuum traps 99% of dust particles because it comes with an allergen seal feature.


  • It comes with an allergen seal system which will help you to seal 99% dust particles easily and clean your surroundings from dust particles.
  • The powerful suction is maintained with the help of a double-wall design. This will help you to keep air owing from any kind of dust particles.
  • This product will give you a feature of a bag fill indicator and a headlight. Accessory tools are included in the product to help you give easy access and storage facility.
  • It comes in a weight of 14 pounds with a swivel steering to help remove the dirt particles completely.


  • It is highly affordable and comes with great suction power.
  • It will give you high maneuverability.


  • Some viewers gave the review that the replacement facility was redeemed.

8. ROOMIE TEC Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 2 in 1 Handheld Vacuum, High-Power 2200mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery, with Corner Lighting and Upright Charging Base

This product is a cordless vacuum cleaner that comes with an ECO and MAX mode, 4 types of cyclone filtration system, 6 LED headlights, and an auto charging base facility to help you clean in a more efficient manner. This gives you a huge suction force with LED lights and charging indicators. It comes in a very lightweight with 180 degrees rotation facility.


  • This product will give you a high suction force with two modes- ECO and Turbo. Eco mode is great for daily cleaning purposes and turbo mode is best suited for carpets, rugs, etc.
  • This product comes with 6 LED Lights which will help you to brighten the ways alongside these borders. This also comes with a rubber wheel which will help you to protect your floor from any kind of scratches.
  • This product gives you an auto-recharge feature with a storage facility to help you out in saving space.
  • This product comes in a very lightweight of 2.1lb with a 180 degrees rotation facility. It gives you a long-lasting battery capacity of 200mAh.


  • It is very easy to assemble and you can easily use it.
  • It is versatile and can be used on several cleaning surfaces.
  • It will give you long battery life with very high suction power.


  • You need to go through a filter to empty the canister which makes it difficult to assemble later.

9. Shark ZU561 Navigator Lift-Away Speed Self Cleaning Brushroll Lightweight Upright Vacuum with HEPA Filter, Red Peony

The self-cleaning brush roll for giving you a powerful pick-up with no hair wraps is featured by the next generation Shark Navigator Vacuum which is upright and very lightweight. Stairs and furniture are very easy to clean with lift-away technology. Over 99.9% of dust particles get trapped inside the vacuum due to the anti-allergen complete seal technology which is featured inside the vacuum cleaner for giving you a more safe and effective dirt cleaning process.


  • For powerful hair pick up and no hair roll this product comes with a self-cleaning brush roll. This product gives you an upright vacuum facility to help you clean the floors and carpets by giving you a portability feature of lift-away mode.
  • Dust particles all-around 99.9% can be easily and effectively trapped inside the vacuum with the help of the anti-allergen seal mode which is provided inside the vacuum.
  • You can easily clean those areas also where previously it was very difficult to reach with the help of the swivel control feature and maneuverability. 
  • This product will give you a very high suction force with a bagless dust cap which will help you to quickly empty the filter bag. Some extra accessories are also included in this product to help you remove very stubborn dust particles or pet hairs.


  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • It comes in every lightweight with high suction power.
  • It gives you high maneuverability.


  • It sometimes doesn’t hold all the attachments in the vacuum.

10. Hoover Windtunnel Max Capacity Upright Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Media Filtration, UH71100, Red

Everything which you need to clean from a heavy-duty cleaning from floor to ceiling is equipped with the Hoover WindTunnel Max Capacity. This product very confidently uses the high suction power, extension wands, filtration system to help you clean those places which are very difficult to reach. The filtration system is replaceable if the product’s filters start showing any kind of disabilities.


  • This product will give a multi-floor technology with a scatter guard technology and 5 height adjustment features to help you clean any floor type in a very efficient manner without any scatter. 
  • This product will give you a high extension wand so that you can clean even those places where it’s very difficult to reach.
  • A creative tool is included in the above floor tool kit which will help you to deal with stubborn pet hair and dirt on floors and upholstery.
  • It comes with a 1.5 liters dirt cup with a cyclonic filtration capacity to help you out in capturing dirt and pet hair without losing any suction force.


  • It is very easy to assemble and highly affordable.
  • It gives you a very high suction force.
  • It is lightweight.


  • Some viewers gave the review that the motor burns in less than a month.

11. Dirt Devil Vibe 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner, Lightweight Corded Bagless Stick Vac with Handheld, SD20020, Red

Keeping your needs in mind this product is designed. For all your small messes it’s lightweight makes it very efficient in cleaning it. You can very easily and conveniently move from hard floors to carpets with the help of its on and off brush roll feature. You can easily release the cord for easy everyday usage and it gives you a power cord that is 15 feet to help you out cleaning in kitchen, living room, or bathroom messes.


  • This product comes in a very lightweight with motor watts of 240 watts which helps you to transport it from one room to another in a very easy manner.
  • For carpeted surfaces, you need to turn on the brushroll feature and for hard floors turn off the brushroll feature.
  • This product comes in a very easy dirt cup dumping facility which helps you to clean the dirt cups easily from any kind of dirt.
  • When you need a quick hand vacuum detach the hand vac feature which is provided in this product.


  • This product is very versatile and made up of quality material.
  • It gives good suction power and durability.


  • It does not give a very deep and efficient cleaning.

12. CAMXSW Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Adjustable Portable Lightweight Handheld 4 in 1 Powerful Suction Stick Vacuum for Home Hard Floor Carpet Pet Hair with Newly Upgraded Shape Brush

This product is very flexible in use and requires no wire for an easy and convenient dirt cleaning. This product comes with a smart brush head and it makes cleaning very easy. You can remove dust from the corners and gaps easily where previously it was very difficult for you to reach. This vacuum cleaner is best for use if you want a clean and comfortable environment.


  • It will help you to clean the floor, hair, animal hair, dust, and dirt in a very efficient and effective manner with the help of an efficient brush head.
  • This product comes in very lightweight which makes it very convenient to use as it will help you save labor and time.
  • It is a free wireless unrestricted helper which will aid you to clean and make your surrounding very comfortable and dust-free.
  • This product will give you a very powerful suction cleaning which will help you to clean very effectively. It comes with dual motors which will give you a runtime of 30 minutes.
  • This product will give you a long-lasting battery life of 2200mAh with the latest and flexible design of the floor brush.
  • This product gives you a warranty of 3 years and a 2 years refund time.


  • This product gives a very efficient cleaning.
  • It is highly portable and comes in very lightweight.


  • It does not come with an LED light.

13. APOSEN Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 4 in 1 Stick Vacuum Cleaner, 21000Pa Strong Suction with Brushless Motor Multi-Attachments Extension Wand Ultra-Quiet H21S

This vacuum cleaner is designed to emit long and deep light beams to clear dirt and dust particles very efficiently. If you want to give your house an efficient cleaning and sparkling look then you must opt for this vacuum cleaner for your house. It cleans in a very quiet manner without disturbing family members and pets. It will give you a power control feature with which you can control the power according to your preference. It features LED lights on the power full-size multi-tasker power brush.


  • Pollution is removed efficiently with the advanced tube and 130 degrees Fahrenheit temperature hot air which will give you 99% dust removal efficiency.
  • The sensor will automatically turn off if you are 5cm away from the object.
  • Operation Time- It will give you a run time of up to 30 minutes due to the 6 cell lithium-ion battery.
  • You can easily brush the very far round corners of your house where you cannot reach easily with the help of the floor brush which has an LED light embedded on it.
  • This product is a cordless vacuum cleaner hatch that comes with an advanced filtration system that is easily washable and can be reused to help you save more.


  • It comes in a very lightweight and efficient design.
  • It provides you with great suction force.


  • It does not have any LED light.


Now that you have gone through our recommendations, we hope it would have helped you to make up your mind. However, if you are not able to reach any decision then we are putting down our top three recommendations below for the best vacuum cleaners. All of these are very popular and have a very high rating online. They are very durable, affordable, sturdy, and comfortable. 

These three vacuum cleaners are worth buying and you can never get wrong with them and you are sure to get your money’s worth with these two vacuum cleaners.