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Top 10 Best Laptop Brands in 2022


Last Updated on 17/01/2022 by TheDigitalHacker

Laptops have changed the way people live. Some people prefer Apple, a few Dell, and some Lenovo. In this article, you find the 10 best laptop brands in 2020.

But, which one should you really buy!

People use these names because they are trusted because of their commendable quality, hardware quality, innovation with exciting models that make people’s job easy with a smooth experience.

But what if your need is different?

Can a single company produce a good quality laptop for all the purposes? The answer is “no”.

Apple specializes in quality display, experience, and security but does not lead in gaming but brands like HP, Dell do lead in gaming.

In case you are looking laptop for a specific purpose, here are a few articles you should look at

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Having said that we have still made a lit of the top 10 best laptop brands that are judged based on performance, durability, reliability, innovation, and technical support.

You might be familiar with most of them but here is TheDigitalHacker’s take on specific brands

10 Best Laptop Brands in 2022


Apple Laptop - Best Laptop Brands in 2020

Apple is not just a laptop brand, it is a luxury value in return. Purchasing an Apple laptop is itself exciting because of the man “Steve Jobs” who changed personal computing 25 years ago.

The macOS is one of the most secure OS and it comes pre-installed with all the apple laptops(Macbook), and desktops(iMac). MacBook Pro is the latest and most prominent model of Apple where apple innovates something or the other every year.

Apple always comes out with innovation and quality along with durability and reliability. There is no competitor of Apple as such because it produces a unique product.

The specialty of Apple laptops display is retina technology which provides a crisp and clear display which makes editors first choice and picked first for graphic editing.

Apart from this, Apple laptops look very sleek and professional that makes apple stand apart from the crowd.

Security: 10/10 | Privacy: 10/10 | Hardware: Reliable | OS: Easy to Use

Walmart / Bestbuy


Dell Laptop

Dell is again a renowned laptop brand from USA that provides great laptops for almost all the industry with consistent tech support, for which they are being appreciated by users worldwide.

These laptops a budget-friendly and designed in a very elegant and natural manner as per the user goals. The XPS series Play the game-changing role, which increases the goodwill of Dell.

Apart from this Inspiron and Alien ware are two of the greatest series today. Moreover, Dell also avails touchscreen laptops with backlit keyboards and powerful processors. Dell laptops are generally durable and have a long-lasting battery life.

Security: 7/10 | Privacy: 8/10 | Hardware: Good | OS: Simple to Use | Price: Average

Walmart / BestBuy


Lenovo Laptop

Lenovo is considered as an all in all industry Chinese laptop brand with slightly higher laptop prices. Lenovo laptops are used for professional purposes and also popular for gaming laptops. They can be used by students, industry experts and researchers.

Lenovo Laptops Initially has Long-lasting batteries and generally loaded with the powerful graphics card, backlit keyboard, touchpad, display, and pretty good decent sound quality. Lenovo laptops are ideal laptops for working in office/on the desk or for students.

Lenovo legion is one of the best gaming laptop series compared to its other gaming models, ThinkPad for business purposes as they are cheaper in terms of price considering the hardware among it’s market competitors. Lenovo is also out with various notebooks and is a good competitor to other laptop brands and they are generally used for light weight process jobs.

Security: 6/10 | Privacy: 6/10 (china) | Hardware: Poor | OS: Simple to Use | Price: Very Affordable

Walmart / BestBuy



ASUS, A Taiwan based laptop company is an affordable brand and is popular for manufacturing great quality motherboards. It became famous because of the mini laptops also known as products.

ASUS laptops are generally loaded with high-quality hardware and comes with great software support.

Like Dell, Lenovo ASUS also has laptop diversity across industries and amazing affordable Gaming Laptops.

ASUS is one of the best laptop brands that physically looks attractive to people, and generally has powerful processors and graphics with long-lasting support. ASUS ace the market with it’s affordability and quite reliable if one is considering to keep the laptop in long term.

Security: 7/10 | Privacy: 8/10 | Hardware: Good | OS: Simple to Use | Price: Moderately Affordable

Walmart / BestBuy

5. HP

HP Laptop

HP, one of the best laptop brands with immensely good goodwill. This laptop brand has given tough competition to Apple and in fact, ranks in top 3 for its gaming series laptops name “HP OMEN”. HP laptops are for gamers, professionals, and students. These laptops are highly durable and do not require regular maintenance, unlike Lenovo or dell.

HP laptops range around $200-$2000 but if you are an average user who touches a little bit of everything then having a budget of around $700-$900 is a pretty good idea. Apart from Gaming designed laptops, HP also provides you with elegant designs and power pack hardware, display, and business ports for professional usage incorporate.

The few most appreciated HP laptops series are HP Pavilion, HP Spectre, HP Envy, HP OMEN, and HP elite. All the models are for their specific purpose and you should choose based on what you would be doing with the laptop.

Security: 8/10 | Privacy: 8/10 | Hardware: Very Good | OS: Simple to Use | Price: Above Average

Walmart / BestBuy


Acer Laptop

ACER is also one of the most amazing Taiwanese laptop brands that were quite popular 5 years ago. ACER machines are powerful and they have it flooded the market creating tough competition.

The cheapest Acer laptop may cost you around $150 only. Aspire series laptops are one of the best laptops today along with Acer predator Helios 300.

The design of all the laptops is similar, the body of these laptops is sometimes plastic and not aluminum which doesn’t represent very good durability but still, it is considered one of the best laptops and appreciated for the build quality.

Security: 8/10 | Privacy: 8/10 | Hardware: Okay | OS: Simple to Use | Price: Below Average

Walmart / BestBuy

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7. MSI

MSI Laptop

MSI is one of the top gaming laptop brands that provide users unbelievable graphic performance, long-lasting battery, and colorful lights around the laptop that created an environment.

MSI laptops are comparatively expensive because of high-quality hardware, many extraordinary features including a backlit keyboard, exclusive display, eye-tracking sensors, and high-performance processors dedicated and optimized for gaming.

These laptops come with cooling systems because gaming laptops get heated easily. MSI provides you with limited options. MSI cannot be compared with any other brand, it enjoys its monopoly because of its features.

Security: 8/10 | Privacy: 9/10 | Hardware: Very Good | OS: Simple to Use | Price: High | Popular for Gaming

Walmart / BestBuy


Microsoft Laptop

How can we forget Microsoft, when we talk about laptops. Microsoft is again a popular brand and one of the oldest laptop brands. It highly supports Windows OS. The recently introduced Microsoft laptop was the Microsoft surface pro four. Most of the Microsoft laptops are slim study and light.

Microsoft mostly provides you with a multipurpose laptop that supports various applications for designing, video editing, streaming, or any other purpose.

As it is designed and developed by Microsoft, It seamlessly supports applications like MS Office, Skype and etc. Microsoft has always come up with new technologies and keeping hands on Microsoft increases the probability to have a reliable brand behind the back.

Security: 9/10 | Privacy: 8/10 | Hardware: Very Good | OS: Easy to Use | Price: High | Popular for: Office Usage, Design, marketing

Walmart / BestBuy


Toshiba Laptop

Toshiba is a Japanese laptop brand that falls in the mid-budget segment. These laptops can be used for general purposes like watching movies, chatting, browsing, and performing daily activities. Toshiba introduced the satellite C series, due to which it gained popularity.

Toshiba focuses on providing kinda okay customer support. Toshiba has been criticized for its keyboard and touchpad and multiple scams have happened over time in the parent company. It is recommended not to buy these laptops having a bad history.

Security: 8/10 | Privacy: 7/10 | Hardware: Very Good | OS: Simple to Use | Price: Average



Samsung Laptop

Samsung is a South Korean but quite popular huge manufacturer of tablets, televisions, air-conditioners, refrigerators, smartphones, and many popular consumer appliances. It was also one of the most popular laptop brands but Samsung has not been pushing its laptops for quite some time.

People mostly don’t prefer Samsung laptop because of the battery life and classical old design. Samsung laptops were quite popular almost 5 years ago but it looks like Samsung is considering pushing phones, display, and their other consumer technology higher over laptops.

It recently launched laptops including ATIV Book 9 Pro and ATIV Book 9 plus. The brand is famous for its ultra-thin laptops and extraordinary specifications. Samsung is one of the least recommended laptop brands because of their limited options and expensive products.

Security: 8/10 | Privacy: 8/10 | Hardware: Good | OS: Simple to Use | Price: High

Walmart / BestBuy


So, now as you are aware of the best laptop brands and their quality of hardware, you can now choose the own which you like and consider a laptop for your purpose.

Laptops, in general, have tough competition in the market and have similar features. But the fact that keep them stand apart is their software, support, durability, affordability, and innovation.

We can never say a single laptop can fulfill everyone’s computing needs and can have all the features but there is one way you can choose the best laptop of your choice.

What’s that? “Define what will you be doing with the laptop?”.

If you can define that then selecting the best laptop for your purpose will be easy.

We made a list of laptops for specific purposes too and you can consider reading those articles(links are given below) to specific and get a clear understanding before making a purchase decision.


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