Indian Engineer made “Remove China Apps” to help users remove apps Made In China.

A set of Indian engineers have developed an app that detects apps made in china and given a very simple UI to remove them. In a span of 2 hours Remove China...
twitter breach

Business Data breached by twitter, they apologized.

Twitter is a social media platform with a wide range of businesses carrying out the B2B marketing strategy over there. According to recent data, 75% of B2B marketing takes place through...

India Fails to Achieve Success of Robotic Spacecraft Landing on Moon

India's attempt of landing a robotic spacecraft near the moon's the South Pole on Saturday seemed to fail. The initial parts of the descent went smoothly. But less than 2 miles higher than the surface, the trajectory diverged from...
Google bug bounty

Google will pay you if you report apps misusing data.

Reportedly, Google is ready to pay security researchers who find verifiable and unambiguous proof of data abuse using its platforms. Sincere efforts were taken by the company to identify users who misuse...
apple chromecast

Apple Music Beta Adds Chromecast Support

While Apple Music might not be the most popular music streaming service on Android, the latest beta upgrade adds Chromecast support for streaming playlists, radio stations, and more. Apple seems to be...
apple music with spotify

Apple will let Siri Play Spotify Tracks but with this weird issue.

One will not think that Apple and Spotify's bond would be thawing out anytime soon, given that Spotify has lodged an antitrust complaint against its streaming rival in the EU. But currently,...
Google Ads

Google’s Playstore becomes hard for apps showing ads

Google Android malware has been under the limelight frequently over the last few weeks. Security researchers at Trend Micro have revealed that the Google Play Store hosted 85 apps ridden with adware. What is...
windows update

Latest Windows Update Fails to Install

Many users have run into issues involving the August 2019 cumulative updates for Windows 10 (via Windows Latest). The update failed to install for some users while others experienced random restarts...
notepad vulnerbility

Notepad has this vulnerability on Window PCs

Windows PCs could be at high risk from a huge security flaw triggered by one of the platform's most popular software offerings. A leading security researcher has brought up a vulnerability that...

Finally, Internet Recovery on Windows 10 PCs

Microsoft finally seems set to give Windows 10 PCs and tablets a feature that has been available on Macs since 2011: Internet Recovery. Apple first provided a new recovery tool as...