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‘Apex Legends’ Cheaters and Spammers Get Auto-Banned

Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment recently shared some details into what measures the studio is taking to combat the ever-present issue of cheating in Apex Legends. The new “Check-In” is light on specifics, but it reveals some big-picture insights into what is being done to check people who are more...

All about UBISOFT games

There were many highlights made at E3 2019 press conference, and many of those highlights included the ones from Ubisoft games. Ubisoft announced a new action game adventure named Watch Dogs Legion, with a beautiful look called Gods and Monsters, with a $15 subscription...

DEATHLOOP: The Next Game from Arkane Studio

Arkane, the studio behind games Prey and Dishonored series, is now all set to release another game called Deathloop. The game is about two assassins “The Captain” and “Jules” who are attempting to kill each other while stuck in a time loop in a...

Ni No Kuni Remastered Prior to Leaks

With E3 merely a few days away, we’re now getting a combination of new releases and leaks. The latest leak involved Bandai Namco revealing Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered, and also included a piece of artwork as a part of...