If you are looking to buy a cordless hedge trimmer for your yard or garden or office purposes, We are going to give you some of the best recommendations you hear. In case you don’t know what hedge trimmers are then here is our complete and easy guide for you which will help you to make the right choice. 

Different types of cordless hedge trimmers are used for home or commercial use and this guide will help you find the best hedge trimmers that will suit your requirement.

A hedge trimmer is an electric tool that looks like a Chainsaw that is used for cutting back bushes, shrubs, and hedges. Robust quiet and almost vibration-free are the features of modern cordless Hedge trimmers. In comparison to corded hatch trimmers, cordless hedge trimmers are more convenient. When you start using a cordless hedge trimmer you do not need to worry about the distance between you and the power outlet or entangling of the wires or cutting through the power cord.  

Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers

Even if a cordless hedge trimmer has not been used for a while it can start immediately like a corded hedge trimmer. Accord cordless hedge trimmer is the best option for you if you live in an area where there is noise pollution for admission regulation. You will get a longer work runtime of 30 minutes sum models even offer an hour run time. 

Features of a Cordless Hedge trimmer-
  • Blades- with a longer blade length you will be able to cut more slips of Hedges so you should always go for those hedge trimmers which have longer blade length however very long blade length can make the trimmer heavier so 40 to 60 CM of a hedge trimmer blade length is suitable for gardeners.
  • Teeth spacing- teeth spacing is another feature that is very important for giving you a thick cutting capacity. If you are going to buy a hedge trimmer you should go for those tumors which have a teeth spacing of at least 20 millimeters which is best suited for annual trimming of your garden.
  • Tip protector– if you have a trimmer you will be provided with the feature of a tip protector which will protect your blade of the dreamer from getting any kind of damage when you hit a hard object.
  • Catcher plate- A catcher plate is a piece of metal or plastic that is provided on the blade so that whenever the cutting is done it removes the pieces of hatches from the blade.
  • Handguard- This is a type of feature which protects your hand from coming near the teeth when you start cutting the hedges to clean your garden.
  • Blade sheath–  A cordless hedge trimmer contains a blade sheath that helps the blade from protecting it from getting rusted due to dirt and dust.
  • Wraparound front handle- This feature of the cordless hedge trimmer allows you to cut the hedges from different angles which is present at the length of the handle.
  • Rotating rear handle– This feature of the cordless hedge trimmers when cutting horizontally or vertically helps you to maintain grip.
  • Battery and voltage- These cordless hedge trimmers come with lithium-ion high voltage batteries which made the cutting of the hedge very fast and efficient without the need of any heavy electric motor engine hedge trimmer.
  • Indicator- Cordless hedge trimmers contain indicator features Whitehall you how much power is there in your hedge trimmer battery this will help you to decide your work plan.
Advantages of a Cordless Hedge Trimmer-
  • Freedom of movement- A cordless hedge trimmer gives you freedom of movement in the sense that it does not need any kind of cables or wires to operate so you can easily move from one place to another in your yard or garden without keeping a track of the trailing wire which is very different when you use a corded hedge trimmer because you can move only to the length of your cable length.
  • Lightweight- A cordless hedge trimmer is very portable due to its lightweight. It can be carried from one place to another because it does not need a large motor engine as it is needed in corded hedge trimmers. A more balanced and ergonomic design is carried by these cordless hedge trimmers.
  • Extended backup- If you want to buy a trimmer that provides you with extended backup then you can opt for the cordless hedge trimmer because in this you will be able to buy a spare battery so that whenever you experience batteries dying you can use the other pair of spare battery without you have to face a real-time downtime shut down.
  • Minimal noise- Every cordless trimmer works in a noiseless manner which makes the cutting of the hedges and works in your garden very pleasurable any kind of noise when being worked on with.
  • Safety hazards- A cordless hedge trimmer is safer in comparison to any electrical corded trimmer which will not be connected for power to the main circuit which means that you will be having zero probability of getting an electric shock and you will be provided at most safety if you use this cordless trimmer.
Disadvantages of a Cordless Hedge Trimmer-
  • Battery runtime– a cordless hedge trimmer is powered by batteries so your working capacity is limited by battery capacity. When your battery is fully charged we will have a great working experience with these cordless h famous but as the battery lowers your working capacity also lowers.
  • Cost-  Cordless hedge trimmer is more expensive than a corded hedge trimmer. A cordless hedge trimmer is powered by batteries so batteries sometimes might be very costly therefore it is more expensive than any other kind of hedge trimmer.
  • Weight- A hedge trimmers with larger batteries can make longer trimming sessions more straining.  
Benefits of Cordless Hedge Trimmers-

There are several benefits of cordless hedge trimmers in comparison to petrol or other counterparts which are as follows:

  • Cordless freedom- The biggest benefit of a cordless hedge trimmer is that you don’t need to worry about taking a  long wire while working in your yard or garden since they are powered by batteries and they do not need long cords which provide you the freedom to roam around your garden without taking in consideration about the trailing cables. If use suffered an accident cut through your cable and fell out due to cables then you must go for cordless trimmers.
  •  Lightweight- extreme a cordless hedge trimmer is powered by batteries which makes it very lightweight and easy to use you can carry it from one place to another without worrying about the trailing cables. You can carry and move around your garden or yard effortlessly with the help of this trimmer because this trimmer provides you with flexibility which is due to its lightweight.
  • Quite- Due to the battery usage for providing power, these trimmers operate in a very quiet and peaceful manner. You do not need to wear ear protectors while working with this hedge trimmer.
  • Interchangeable and replacement batteries– some brand of trimmer comes with interchangeable batteries which means you can use a grass trimmers battery in a hedge trimmer of the same voltage. You can buy additional batteries also this will help you to cut down the run time which means when you are using one battery the other can be charged up that time.
  • Extendable handle- some hedge trimmer comes with an extendable handle of three meters above the ground. Now you do not need to use a ladder to reach higher shrubs or Hedges and you can reach any area where reaching was difficult with the help of these extendable handles.

Types of Hedge Trimmers- 

1.Stand Alone Hedge trimmers- human power electricity or gas is the power source of these stand-alone Hedge trimmers. These trimmers are of three type-

  • Manual hedge trimmers- They do not require any kind of electricity or gas for their operation and are one of the most environment-friendly trimmers. These trimmers contain large shears or scissors.
  • Motorized trimmer- In comparison to manual ones this allows you to work faster and in a more efficient manner with very little effort. It contains a cutting mechanism that is the same as a finger bar mower.
  • Electrical trimmer- These trimmers are lighter and less powerful.
  • Gasoline trimmers- These trimmers are more powerful but heavy in weight.

2. Tractor Mounted Hedge trimmers-

A movable arm with a large trimmer attachment at its end has contained this tractor to mounted hedge trimmers which makes its cutting similar to-finger bar mowers. 

Factors to Keep in Mind before buying a Hedge Trimmer-

It is very important to own a hedge trimmer to outgrow the number of bushes and shrubs which has a high tendency of growing at a very fast pace. You need to consider several factors before you buy a hedge trimmer for your garden or yard we have listed on few factors which you need to remember before you buy a hedge trimmer:

  • Size- When you are going to buy a hedge trimmer you must first consider the shape, size, and location. You need to consider the location where you want to use the hedge trimmer for example if you want to use the electric hedge trimmer in your yard but the plugin location is far away from there so it will become very difficult for you to use. You need to consider the height and weight of the hedge trimmer because it also defines your need.
  • Power- While buying the hedge trimmer you need to consider the power of the trimmer. An electric trimmer is very powerful but it comes with a cord or wire which can become very annoying and a nuisance at the time when you work with it across your yard. Petrol trimmers are considered to be the most powerful trimmer and it has added advantage over electric trimmer as it does not come with any kind of wires. In the same manner battery trimmers are also free from any kind of wire which you work without any need to worry about the long wire or a cord.
  • Blade- the first in which we need to consider before buying an h trimmer is the length of the blade. In comparison to shorter blades, longer blades will help you to cut down the hatches in very little time and will also help you to reach longer hedges. You also need to be aware of the gap between the blades and the quality of the blade before you buy it. 
  • Safety first- Always keep the manufacturer’s manual nearby because with every powerful machine safety is the paramount feature to look into. A lot of hedge trimmers come with several safety features to protect you from any kind of Injury which becomes their main selling point too.

You can consider your important features and compare all the hedge trimmers and buy the correct option for you within your budget. If you are new to buying a huge trimmer and have no idea about how to buy them then you can check our complete guide for this purpose.

We hope that this guide helped you in clearing your doubts regarding the hedge trimmers. Here are our top 13 hedge trimmers:

1. KIMO 20V Cordless Hedge Trimmer, 24-inch, 6.8-lb Lightweight & Compact Dual Blades 5/8″ Cutting Capacity, 2.0Ah Li-ion Battery Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer ET1609 for Hedges/Bushes/Yard

This product provides you Long battery life and high performance. If you are looking to buy a good hedge trimmer and are confused about which one will be the best for you then you can go for this product. In comparison to any other product, it has a 10% longer battery life and 20% more efficient. You can cut hedge plants immediately and effortlessly with this trimmer because of its Long battery power and high efficiency. You can cut trim hedge branches with the help of this trimmer. In short, you can say that this is the best trimmer to start with if you are looking to buy any good trimmer.

  • Motor- more power less noise and great work is provided by the advanced motor which is contained in this trimmer. It improves power and stability in comparison to other products in the market. Cross-cutting, oblique cutting, arc cutting, etc can be done easily by this trimmer.
  • Switch- To start the machine, its dual switch functionality should be pressed. These functions help you to keep safe from any kind of accidental cutting with its sharp blades which function at a very high speed. 
  • Handle- keeping in view about the poor handling grip which is provided by other products due to which people suffer from several bodily injuries and cuts this product made its handle with a lot of care and keeping in mind about the needs and requirements of the people and ergonomics to maximize the grip on the handle and it’s a range of motion.
  • Types of blades- this product is made with dual action hardened Steel Blade which makes cleaning a very easier and effortless manner.
  • Blades- This product comes with a dual blade card that helps you to protect yourself from splashing which comes from the trees due to the usage of Hedge trimmers.
  • Heat dissipation- This product offers heat dissipation features that make the filling procedure very effortless and efficient. It comes in a very lightweight of 6.8 Pounds which increases its efficiency and safety procedures more.
  • It is very easy to use and comes in very lightweight.
  • It gives high maneuverability.
  • Some viewers reviewed that the string started showing signs of wear just after a few months of usage.

2. BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer, 24-Inch (LHT2436)

When you want to cut the four were grown hedges in your garden and want to make it look good if you start looking for a good one and this is the time when you should look and start considering buying this trimmer. This comes with a 40-volt ion rechargeable battery and gives you high power and a long run time. With the help of this tool, your garden and house will look cleaner and presentable. 

  • With the help of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, this trimmer gives you more power with one compact and a small battery. When taken off the charger the lithium batteries hold power for a longer time and offer you a longer life cycle.
  • Without stalling you can cut twice the amount of branches with the help of its power drive transmission.
  • It gives you more power and cutting efficiency with the help of the 24 inches blade in comparison to the single action blades.
  • You will get a comfortable handle to have a great grip with the help of wrap-around features.
  • To avoid accidental unplugging you will get a built-in cord retention system.
  • You can recharge the battery very fast in just about one hour and provide you with 2400 cutting strokes per minute.
  • It gives you long battery life and great safety features.
  • It provides high maneuverability.
  • Some viewers gave the view that it died out soon after its first 5-6 usages.

3. TACKLIFE Hedge Trimmer, 20V 2Ah, Cordless Hedge Trimmer/Cutter, Rotating Rear Handle, with Battery and Charger,22 in Blade Length, 3/4 in Cutting Gap, with Blade Cover – DHT1A

This trimmer is made originally and especially for pruning, trimming, sculpting, and maintaining your hedge. The wildest overgrown hedge can be easily tamed with this trimmer due to its lightweight, optimum cutting performance, and power. This trimmer is best suited for trimming medium-sized and small hedges. You will get a 22inches blade length with a teeth spacing of ¾ inches and comes in at a very lightweight of 5.3 pounds.

  • The motor shell is made with hard-wearing and durable materials to make a rotatable grip handle which you can rotate from -40degrees/-90degrees to +40degrees/+90degrees
  • This trimmer comes with a lithium-ion battery which helps to give a long run time and power. You should use this battery after you fully charge it for the first time and you will also get a warranty for this battery.
  • This trimmer comes in a very lightweight of 5.3 pounds with a 22 inches blade length and a teeth spacer of about ¾ inches.
  • It comes with a blade cover so that when the blade is not in use it can be protected. This product features an aluminum reinforcement, plastic safety guard, and blade tip protector to give you the best user experience.
  • It is very easy to start and gives you an ergonomic design with grips on the handle to give you the best user experience. 
  • It will give you longer battery life.
  • It provides high maneuverability and thickness.
  • It is very easy to use and gives you great comfort while you use it.
  • It is very durable and long-lasting.
  • It is a little slow on starting up.

4. Greenworks 40V 24-Inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer with Rotating Handle, Battery Not Included 22332

A great cut capacity of ⅔ inches and a dual-action steel blade of 24inches is provided by this trimmer to provide comfortable trimming at all ages. This product is made very comfortable with the help of 180 degrees rotating rear handle to help you cut at all angles. It is a tool-only model and has compatibility with 29462 and 29472 G MAX batteries only.

  • For a complete yard system, this product is featured with several tools which are powered by its 40volts lithium-ion battery system.
  • You can easily trim at multiple angles with the help of its 180 degrees rotating tear handles. It also provides you with an auxiliary handle to provide you a good grip with comfort.
  • For reduced vibration and optimal cutting, you will receive 24″ dual-action steel blades and ¾ inch cutting capacity. 
  • It is very long-lasting and easy to use.
  • It comes in very lightweight.
  • It gives you high maneuverability and long battery life.
  • It is not brushless.

5. GARCARE Cordless Hedge Trimmer – Electric Hedge Trimmers/Tree Trimmer with 20V 4.0Ah Li-Ion Battery & Quick Charger, 510mm Laser Cut Blade, 3 in 1 Set – Folding Saw & Pruning Shears Included

This is an ideal tool for your house if you want to make your exterior of your house look clean and presentable. High cutting performance is delivered with the help of dual action laser cut blade and 4.0Ah lithium-ion batteries. It helps you to crave through long and overgrown bushes and shrubs with the help of its 20 inches dual-action blades. This product comes in a package of one cordless hedge trimmer, 1*0.4Ah battery, one quick charger, one folding saw, and one garden shear.

  • Switch- This product comes with a feature of a dual switch. You just need to switch on both the switches to start trimming. If you switch off anyone, the trimmer will get switched off. This feature is provided to protect you from any kind of injury.
  • Handle- D-grip ergonomic handle gives you great grip and is designed with innovative rotation features.
  • Battery- This product comes with a quick charger and a battery power of 20Volts 4.0 lithium-ion. It comes with a quick charger facility which helps you to quickly charge it within one hour.
  • You can cut forward and then again on the backstroke with the help of its dual-action cut blades which help you to give a clearer and crisp look to your garden.
  • It comes in very lightweight and with a dual-action cut blade.
  • It gives you a great and comfortable grip.
  • Some viewers reviewed that the adjustments made for tilting the trimmer blade could have been made better.

6. WORKPRO 20V Cordless Hedge Trimmer, 20″ Dual Action Blades Electric Gardening Tool, 2.0Ah Battery and 1 Hour Quick Charger Included

If you want to give your house a clean and presentable look then you can go for this tool. This tool comes in with long battery life and is very lightweight which makes it very easy to use from different angles. It comes with a 24-inch dual rotating blade which helps you to trim the branches and makes trimming very efficient and effortless. You can easily cut through the branches with the help of this tool and protect yourself from any kind of injuries with the safety features provided by this trimming tool.

  • The batteries of the trimmer will last for a very long period if it is charged fully and can get charged completely within one hour because the batteries used in this trimmer are of 20volts lithium-ion battery.
  • This trimmer comes in a weight of only 4.63lbs to 2.1kgs and this is also portable. You can easily take it from one place to another. It gives you very high maneuverability.
  • This product comes with a 20inch dual action blade with a thickness of 1/16 inches.
  • Great comfort and grip is provided due to the handle guard and full wrap around the handle so that you can cut in different angles.
  • It is very easy to use and comes in very lightweight.
  • It provides you with maneuverability with great safety features.
  • It has a long battery life.
  • Sometimes it gets jammed and you have to clear it up by switching it off.

7. Greenworks 40V 20-Inch Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer, 2.0 AH Battery Included, 22272

This product comes with 24 inches dual steel blades with a cutting capacity of ⅝ inches which makes it very efficient in trimming the bushes and shrubs in your garden. This product provides you with high maneuverability to give you the best user experience. If you buy this product you will surely not regret it and get the best user experience. 

  • This trimmer comes with a 40volts lithium-ion battery which provides tools for your complete yard system and also includes a 2Ah battery and charger.
  • For optimal performance and durability, it is provided with a dual-action 20-inch steel blade and with a shaft extension of 6.5 feet and ⅝ cutting capacity.
  • It is provided with trimming in multiple angles with the help of 3 positions pivoting head to adjust the blade.
  • G Max 2.0 Ah batteries are compatible with this trimmer.
  • It gives you long battery life.
  • It provides you with high maneuverability.
  • Commanding power is delivered by the one charge.
  • It provides a very smooth operation and less noise.
  • It is not very lightweight.

8. Earthwise Cordless Rechargeable 2-in-1 Shrub Shear and Hedge Trimmer Combo

The precise gardening task is provided by the Earthwise cordless shrub shear which is also very portable. You can easily attach and remove the 2 blade attachments which are provided in this product. One of the highest trimming tools in the market is this cordless handheld grass cutter. It comes with a 3.6 volts lithium-ion battery which is an easily rechargeable battery. It is a very planet-friendly product as it is battery powered so it does not require any kind of fuel or oil for its operation.

  • It is comfortable and easy to use due to its lightweight and is ideal for recreational and professional gardeners. It weighs only a little over a pound and is very small but has enough power to cut shrubs, bushes, grasses, etc.
  • Attachment change- This product does not require any tool for attachment change. It comes with a dual steel blade which is very easy to change. You can easily change from one blade to another without the usage of any other tool. You can easily change the blade within a few minutes without any kind of effort.
  • Grip- To use this tool you need a very comfortable and none slippery grip which is provided by the padded handle of this battery-powered trimmer due to which you can use it for a very long period.
  • Battery- This product comes with a cordless lithium ion 3.6 volts rechargeable battery. You can cut through grass bushes, shrubs e, etc with its immense power.
  • This product is best suited for finishes that require great accuracy in your garden. It comes with an average of 45 minutes of trim time to help you finish all your trimming activities of your garden within 45 minutes.
  • This product comes in very lightweight and gives you high maneuverability.
  • It contains dual blade options to make your trimming easy.
  • Some viewers gave the review that the safety lockout button was very annoying.
  • It’s not very durable.

9. WEN 40415BT 40V Max Lithium-Ion 24-Inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer (Tool Only)

This product provides 2800 cutting strokes in 40-volt emission-free motors. This product also gives a cutting capacity of ¾ inches. This product provides you with a dual-action blade that helps you to trim bushes and shrubs at different angles and it also comes with an electric motor which helps this product to deliver its functions in a quieter and very efficient manner. This product comes with a wrap-around handle feature and a loaded battery design.

  • This product comes with a 24-inch dual cutting blade which gives you 2800 strokes cutting strokes with a cutting capacity of 3/4th inch.
  • To limit the trimmers’ perceived weight it is provided with center loaded battery balance.
  • Electric motors are included in this product to give you a quieter and more efficient service.
  • It provides you with a  great cutting thickness and high maneuverability.
  • It comes with long battery life.
  • Battery and charger are not included in this product.

10. POWER WORKS HTP301 XB 20V 20-Inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer, Battery, and Charger Not Included, 20 inch

With one battery feature, conquer all your works from home to the garage and the garden with ease. It automatically adjusts to the correct voltage when you change tools to provide you with efficiency in run time with the help of one smart battery XB system. It provides you with a longer run time and versatility in its work. 

  • It comes with a durable 20-inch dual blade that helps you in cutting bushes and shrubs from angles.
  • This product comes with a cutting capacity of ⅝ inches which is great for overgrown branches and shrubs.
  • It comes with a 4-year tool to protect your investment.
  • This trimmer is only compatible with batteries which are of 20 volts and XB.
  • It is very easy to use and gives you high maneuverability.
  • It gives you long battery life.
  • Some viewers gave the review that it does not work properly.

11. ZAKER Cordless Hedge Trimmers 20V with Battery and Charger Included, Electric Hedge Trimmer with 22.4 Inch Long Steel Dual Blade,5/8″Cutting Capacity & 5lb Lightweight Tree Trimmer, Double Safety Switch

This product is best suited for your garden or courtyard as it comes with a 22.4-inch dual cutting blade with a cutting capacity of ⅝ inches. More efficient cutting capacity and shaping are provided with the help of dual cutting blades. You just need to hold the front handle switch and squeeze the front trigger switch to start this trimmer. It is a very lightweight trimmer that can easily be handled by women also.

  • This product comes with a 22.4-inches dual cutting blade. Large cutting power for tough bushes is provided by the 2000 rpm brushless motor.
  • A 20 volts battery and charger are included in this cordless product. No cord feature to lag out which helps it to become the most compact and safest trimmers for using. It comes with a lithium-ion battery which helps this trimmer to function for a very long period. 
  • This product provides you a dual switch option to help you prevent any kind of injury or cuts. With removable blade covers, it becomes very durable as the cover protects it from getting rusted.
  • This product is very easy to use and contains a rubberized grip. This product is just perfect for all your gardens, courtyards, and home works.
  • This product is highly durable and comes in very lightweight.
  • It comes with a high thickness cutting capacity.
  • It gives you long battery life.
  • Some viewers gave the review that holding the knife in a stable position is very difficult.

12. 24v Cordless Hedge Trimmer & Lithium-ion Battery Pack, Rechargeable Battery, Lightweight, Maximum Cutting Length 44mm

This product comes with a double-edged knife with a cordless hedge cutter and brushless motors. It comes with lithium-ion acid batteries with a battery weight of 3.8kgs. With the help of this product, you can easily make your yard look cleaner and presentable.

  • This cordless hedge cutter comes with a self-locking switch which makes the usage of this trimmer very easy.
  • This product comes with a cutting speed and high hardness head. It also provides you with the pressure-resistant feature.
  • With its spring-type design, you can more conveniently collect the design.
  • This product does with a rechargeable battery.
  • It gives you a long operation time.
  • This product is not very lightweight.

13. VIVOSUN 20V Cordless Hedge Trimmer, 20-inch Dual-Action Laser Blade, 3/5” Cutting Capacity, 1400 RPM, 2.0Ah Li-ion Battery, Lightweight & Compact Weed Eater, Gardening Hand Pruner Included

You can trim perfect hedges at your house with the help of this cordless hedge trimmer. It comes with a dual-action blade with a cutting capacity of ⅗ inch that will help you to trim overgrown bushes and shrubs. The maximum range of motion is provided with the help of its compact and ergonomic design. It comes with a double start safety button which will help you to protect yourself from accidents and injuries. Enough power and support are provided to the trimmer by the 220-volt lithium batteries.

  • The maximum range of motion without any soreness or overload of work is provided with the help of a D-grip ergonomic handle.
  • You are provided safety from accidental injuries and cuts with the help of high-quality hedge trimmer shells.
  • This product comes with 3 indicators that will help you to know whether the batteries are fully charged or not. You can read the remaining power of the battery by pressing the button on the indicator.
  • This product comes with a dual motion blades feature which comes with a cutting capacity of ⅗ inches with which you can easily cut small and medium-sized hedges and is perfect for small gardens.
  • It is very easy to use and comes in very lightweight.
  • It provides a thickness cutting capacity of ⅗ inches.
  • Some customers face the review that batteries provided are not good and they do not charge easily.


Now that you have gone through our recommendations, we hope it would have helped you to make up your mind. However, if you are not able to reach any decision then we are putting down our top three recommendations below. All of these hedge trimmers are very popular and have a very high rating online. They are very durable, affordable, sturdy, and comfortable. 

These three hedge trimmers are worth buying and you can never get wrong with them and you are sure to get your money’s worth with these hedge trimmers.