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Top 10 best Punching bags in 2020 review

Choose the type of punching bag you want

Standing punching bags

Hanging punching bags

Top 3 standing punching bags

Top 10 best Punching bags in 2020 review 1


  • 6 feet 4 inch tall
  • Can fill upto 270 lbs of sand


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Top 10 best Punching bags in 2020 review 2

Century powerline

  •  8 height adjustments
  • Can fills upto 250 lbs of sand


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Top 10 best Punching bags in 2020 review 3

Century wavemaster

  • 4 height adjustments
  • can Fill upto 150lbs of sand


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Top 3 hanging punching bags

Top 10 best Punching bags in 2020 review 4


  • Weight: 100 lbs
  • Soft fill


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Top 10 best Punching bags in 2020 review 5

Aqua punch bag

  •  Weight: 75 lbs when filled
  • Should be filled with water


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Top 10 best Punching bags in 2020 review 6


  • Weight: 70 lbs
  • Filled with natural and synthetic fibers


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People are crazy about fitness. There are many ways to get fit. You can go swimming, running, play outdoor games or go to a gym. The punching bags are the best of all these and it works well for me. 

Here I will provide you the top 10 best punching bags. But remember that you can’t do mixed martial arts with a punching bag. With this punching bag, you can only concentrate on the upper part of the competitor. The upper part includes the head of our body. 

The heavy bag is stuffed with stone, sand, water, cushion, waste cloths or cotton. these are the only materials which are stuffed into the punching bags. Punching bags improve your punch speed if your practice daily. 

But never confused between MMA bag and punching bag.  MMA bag has more options than a punching bag. I will help you how to select a punching bag before you buy any product on this list.

How to buy a punching bag?

What Weight of the bag you need to get?

You need to know your right weight before getting a bag. if you wait for less than 150 Pounds then you need to get a bag with a weight of 40 pounds. When you are between 150-170 pounds then get a bag with the weight of 70 pounds. 

If you are more than 170 pounds then get a bag with a weight of around 80 to 100 pounds. Consider these as the approximate numbers. Even though if you have 5-10 pounds difference then it should be a problem.

What cover of punch bag do you need?

Most of the time the leather bag will be the best for any kind of expert levels. You can still find other materials like vinyl or some synthetic covers. 

Vinyl and synthetic covers are a lot cheaper than leather. Many professional Boxers prefer leather bags because they give a good feeling when you punch them hard.

Which one standing or hanging bags?

The standing bags really help you when you are in a compact place. It doesn’t swing around the place like a hanging bag. It will just stick to the ground with a heavyweight at the bottom of the bag. At the top, you will have the regular bag fixed to the bottom. 

Generally, MMA people keep on kicking and punching the bag until the top of the back touches the ground. To make this happen it takes a lot of energy and techniques to hit.

If you have a big space then you need to go for a hanging bag. This bags Swings around as you punch and kick it. You can practice many forward and backward moves when this swings around.

You can even get the stands for hanging bags but you will lose the mobility to move around the bag. I personally recommend taking a leather hanging bag.

Top 10 best Punching bags in 2020 review 7

Which type of stuffed bag?

The materials like sand, water, and cotton are used to stuff the bag. These sandbags are really good but when it is been used over time the small sand particles come to the bottom of the back. This makes bag heavy and hard at the bottom and which is not comfortable to practice punching.

Water stuffed punch bags are really cool as you’ll feel like hitting a real person. The problem with is that when you bring more pressure on the back then there’s a chance of water to spill on your floor. This will make your floor dirty place.

You can find cotton or waste clothes stuffed lunch bags. This is more durable then sand or water.

Here I am providing the bags which are useful for punching and as well as MMA.

Let’s start the top 10 list

Best punching bag

1) Ringside Elite

This is a free-standing boxing MMA bag. This is more flexible to try different combinations of kicks and punches. 

The height of this bag is really tall that is 6 feet 4 inches. the size of the bag where you punch and kick is 5 feet 1 inch tall with a bag diameter of 17 inches and a base diameter of 32 inches. This is for sure not the beginners punching bag. 

You will really need a lot of strength to put this Back Down through your kicks and punches. DBS of this bag is a plastic tank and it can be filled with 270 pounds of sand of water to give a strong basement.



2) Century Versys

This super cool black and red combination stand up punching bag is perfect for your home workout. When you start using this back to with full potential you feel like punching you are buddy. 

the best combination I like in this punch bag is the ground and pound. you can just simply through this back to the ground sit on it and keep punching on the top. 

Are there are many other combinations like elbow punch, plyo jump, knee strikes, boxing combinations, low kick, punching sit up high kick and take down.

This is the super cool product on this top list because it is flexible to move anywhere and punch it as you like.

 This one is  around 100 pounds and is suitable for heavy guys. The top and bottom pieces come in separate boxes but they come with stuffed material.


punching bag

3) Wavemaster Powerline

Wavemaster is an extra large workout bag it is in black color. This item is with a weight of 28 pounds. The product dimensions are 47 x 25 x 25 x inches which are enough for a home workout.

 You need 50 pounds of sand to fill this extra large bag. the best part is that it has two to three feet of vertical adjustment which will allow you to give kicks and punches at you for a comfortable height. 

If you ever want to clean the bag then you need to use the damp cloth which is perfect to clean this bag. This bag has a thicker vinyl cover. You can give a super strong kick without the best getting in your way.


Top 10 best Punching bags in 2020 review 8

4) Century Aerobic Wavemaster

This will be the best choice for the people who have ample of room for practice. This bag comes in three different colors like black, blue and red.

 This is a standing bag which is really awesome. It weighs around 170 pounds and it is 40 inches tall. Its weight includes base and top bags tahst the reason it a too heavy. This can be the best bag for training cardio rather than Power punching. The black color is super cool than the other two colors.


Before you get this bag make sure that you have 22 inches base diameter for the bag and also plenty of space for you to move around that.


Top 10 best Punching bags in 2020 review 9

5) Ring side hanging bag

This is a synthetic bag with beans around 100 pounds which is suitable for heavy boxers. You can hang it to the roof but make sure that the hook holds this 42 inches height long bag. 

This heavy bag can be used for both boxing and MMA to practice kicks footwork and punches. The cover of the bag is soft twins form liner which is really comfortable to hit the bag. 

You need to purchase the hardware to Mount this heavy bag to the ceiling. if you really don’t want or like the back to swim then you can purchase and Anchor to fix at the bottom. This will really reduce the movement of the bag.

 I really doubt that this bag may not be suitable for a solid stand. If you have ideas to hang this bag to the stand then you need to forget about it. this is because you will lose the area to move around the bag to hit it.



6) Aqua Training Bag​

This Aqua training bag is a hanging product. It is only 15 inches and can be used for punches. This tear drop bag is filled with water and a mid-sized fitness boxing bag. 

This bag is durable and last long you are also backed up with 2 years warranty from this company. It weighs about 75 pounds when filled with water. 

Due to its size you can hang it anywhere in the room. This is completely dedicated to punching. This product is unfilled and you personally should fill the bag with water. 

This bag has the dimensions of 22 x 15 x 15 inches. The drop bag cover is vinyl material.



7) Reflex

Here I have something different apart from all the bags on this list. This is not exactly a back but you could say a rod with a bag sticked to the ground.

 You will have a adjustable height feature from 56 to 60. 8 inches. This has a stand which is really heavy when you feel it with water or sand.

 If you want to feel stand in this then you need to half 40 kgs of sand or if you want to fill water then used 30 kg of water. The rod moves up to 45 degrees on the both sides.



8) Everlast

This is a punching kit which includes a 70-pound heavy bag with gloves and 108-inch hand wraps. The gloves and the wraps are for protecting your bag from ripping apart. This whole bag is stuffed with natural and synthetic fibers blended with sifted sand and adjustable height chain.

 The total shipping weight is 77 pounds and the product dimensions are 41 x 12 x 12 inches. You don’t need to worry about the stuff the material because it comes heavy and ready to hit. 

Always hanging this punch bag to the ceiling is the better option. If you want to fix this to a stand then you will not find a big space to try multiple combinations of kicks and punches.

All you need is an anchor Bolt strong enough to support the bag for hanging it from the ceiling. The Chain is about 5. 5 feet long. 

The gloves which come along with the punching bag can fit into any young aged people. This is not for the girls because the bag surface is too hard to punch.

The baggage 3 feet in length and you’ll have an additional length of chain.




9) RDX Punching Bag

RDX punching bag comes with the whole set of gloves and other supporting equipment. You will have 1. 5 feet long wall Pro bracket 18 gauges high-grade powder coated Steel heavy ceiling hook hand gripper and boxing gloves. 

I am just skipping the things which they are providing with the set just because I want to talk something more about this product. This punching bag comes in 6 different colors and looks like you have a wide range of collection. 

This bag is available in 2 different sizes, 4,5 feet long and it is waterproof which can be used outside.



hanging punching bag

10) Ring side small bag

This is a simple punching bag which is a perfect product for the beginners. You don’t need to invest much at the very first stage of your boxing skill level. This boxing bag comes at very decent price which you can afford. The becomes empty and you need to fill the whole bag by yourself. You will also get a pair of gloves which will not let the bag tear apart



I have listed only good products which are of good quality. You can select any random bag from this list if you are a beginner. Ifn you are on a next level of boxing, punching or MMA take standing punching bags.

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