Google bug bounty

Google will pay you if you report apps misusing data.

Reportedly, Google is ready to pay security researchers who find verifiable and unambiguous proof of data abuse using its platforms. Sincere efforts were taken by the company to identify users who misuse...
apple india

Apple to Start Online Sales in India but can people really afford?

Indians from Ahmedabad to Mumbai can shortly be able to shop online for Apple products. The nation's government today declared that it would ease out rules on local production that restricted corporates like...

The Legendary OS once kicked by many big companies turns 50. The Story.

Maybe its pervasiveness has long obscured its roots. But Unix, the OS which proves to be legendary and, in one derivative or another, powers nearly all smartphones sold worldwide, came 50...
Google chrome

Google Modifies Chrome’s Tab Menu

Google is repeatedly A/B testing a plethora of modifications in its products, and the company's Chrome browser is one of its biggest testing grounds. We've only recently compiled a list of experimental...
apple chromecast

Apple Music Beta Adds Chromecast Support

While Apple Music might not be the most popular music streaming service on Android, the latest beta upgrade adds Chromecast support for streaming playlists, radio stations, and more. Apple seems to be...

Dell Reveals First-Ever Chromebooks

Dell has released its first-ever Chromebook devices targeting business users. The PC giant has declared it will be launching two new business-focused Dell Latitude laptops operating Google's Chrome OS. Organizations keen to buy Chrome OS...

Telegrammer’s leaked Google Pixel 4 photos

Images of what could be Google’s upcoming Pixel 4 have leaked via Telegram, XDA-Developers is reporting. The photos seem to show a device that’s consistent with the official images and details that’s been revealed about the smartphone...

Fairphone 3 Is the Ethical Smartphone

Three years after launching its last handset, Fairphone has declared the Fairphone 3, its latest attempt at a sustainable smartphone. The Fairphone 3 attempts to provide on this promise by being...
Google Android

New Google Feature Can Now Fight Your Android App Addiction Here is How?

Announced in May, Focus Mode is the latest Android feature that brushes aside distracting apps like Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, while users mentally dive into what they need to do, by setting up...

Android 10 has 193 Security Vulnerabilities

Google has declared that Android is evolving, and as part of that evolution, the latest version of the OS that will be launched in just a few weeks’ time will be known as...